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12 The Most Expensive Violins Record The Most Expensive Music

The Most Expensive Violins
The Most Expensive Violins

The British violin dealer J.A. Beare, which brings together 12 Stradivarius violins from around the world, recently recorded an album titled “12 Stradivarius” at the Cadogan Concert Hall in Chelsea, England. Stradivari violins are known to be the “best ever” violins, with 12 violins worth a total of 146 million pounds, so the album is also known as “the most expensive” music in history. most expensive violin in the world 2021

The total value of 12 violins is 146 million pounds.

the 12 stradivarius violins were reportedly made between 1680 and 1734 by italian artisan antonio stradivarius and belonged to performers including ida hahndel, fritz chrysler and close collaborator joseph joachim of brahms.

The total value of 12 violins is 146 million pounds.
The total value of 12 violins is 146 million pounds.

dutch violinist jenny jansen embraces stradivarius.Most of these violins now belong to private collectors around the world, each worth millions of pounds. Each violin was signed under a strict contract and bought expensive insurance for the record project, which was designed by the violin dealer J.A. Beare.people carrying violins travel to london in first class on flights and must be accompanied by a security guard hired at sky-high prices.the project had to be postponed for three weeks after dutch violinist jenny jansen, 43, was diagnosed with new coronary pneumonia.but jansen finally came to the recording site to play the lead violin. the recording took place over four days at chelsea’s cadogan concert hall, accompanied by the piano by sir antonio papano, the president of the royal opera house.Steven Smith, of violin dealer J.A. Beare, said that despite the difficulties, it was “absolutely” worth it. Most expensive violin.

Most Expensive Music in the world

most expensive music in the world : 12 stradivari album cover.It is reported that the album “12 Stradivarrie” will be released on September 10 in Decca Classics.

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What is The Most Expensive Music In The World 2021

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