Most expensive domain name in the world 2021
Most expensive domain name in the world 2021

Domain Name Story: The most expensive domain name transaction record in the world

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The most expensive domain name transaction record in the world

How much is Google domain worth?

Google offered to pay $6006.13 to sanmay ved, who bought the domain name for $12. It eventually paid twice the amount to the charity of his choice. The deal did go through – about a minute. Most expensive domain,Most expensive domain name,What is the most expensive domain name,The most valuable domain name,the most expensive domain name domain name 20 million US dollars

In order to make Google better develop in China, Kai-Fu Lee, the then president of Google China, was persuaded by the domain name holder Chinese citizen Cai Wensheng to spend 20 million US dollars (12 million in one version, Google has not announced the specific price). and domain names.

Because Cai Wensheng’s method at the time was that the single-letter domain name was not only sold, but the website must be purchased at the same time as the domain name. The purpose of this was to increase the selling price, and Google mainly wanted to obtain the domain name. So spent huge sums of money to purchase the website and domain name.

The most expensive domain name

However, it is a pity that this domain name purchased with huge sums of money did not last long in China, and Google withdrew from China. domain names $30 million

Before, had been using, a domain name that seemed to have no direct relationship with and had a relationship with 360. So everyone even thought was 360.

In 2014, in order to restart brand building, JD spent a huge sum of US$5 million to purchase, a short two-letter short domain name. This Jingdong lays the foundation for further development, better introduces traffic into Jingdong, and establishes the Jingdong brand. According to, the domain name of has helped save hundreds of millions of dollars in traffic promotion.

Before that, had been investing in domain name construction and buying JD-related domain names. Before, had already spent tens of millions to purchase domain names including,,, etc. domain name $3.6 million

In order to better promote the Xiaomi brand and accelerate internationalization and globalization, in April 2014, Xiaomi purchased the domain name at a price of 3.6 million US dollars. This became the most traded domain name in China in 2014. domain name 2 million US dollars

In October 2013, the sale website Vipshop will purchase the domain name for US$2 million.$13 million in 2010

One of the most famous domain names of all time has a complicated history. This domain name has gone through a series of legal proceedings, and there is also a book about the domain name It was sold by Escom in 2010 for $13 million, and it is also known as the “most expensive domain name in history.” Currently the domain name website is ranked 945 in the world by Alexa. – US$9,999,950, 2008

In March 2008, a company named Clek Media announced that an intermediary had dealt with, and the company that acquired the domain name was Inc. “Fund” means “fund, reserve, cash, fundraising” and other meanings, and the application value of domain name is huge. But in September last year, the domain name was sold again.$9.5 million, 2007

It is another website domain name that is not suitable for browsing during working hours. The global Alexa ranks 725. In 2007, when it was traded, it was still the domain with the largest transaction amount from RMB. In 2013, its related whois information has been changed, and it is uncertain whether there has been a transaction again. 8,888,888, 2015

3 of the top 4 domain names with the highest domain name transaction prices are ** domain names. The seller is the “king of domain names” Rick Schwartz (Rick Schwartz), the domain name he bought in 1997 for 42,000 US dollars. Over the years, this domain name has earned more than $10 million in revenue for at least Rick Schwartz. 8 million, 2015

Foreign media speculated that it was acquired by Tencent and is currently being used by the domestic P2P platform Renrendai to build an official website.$7.5 million, 2006

In 2006, online jewelry retailer acquired the domain name and started building a website. The domain name means “diamond”. However, according to data, also had transactions in 2015.$6,784,000, 2014

A very rare single-letter .com domain name. At present, only 3 single-letter .com domains have been enabled to build websites in the world, the other two are and, and most of the rest are reserved by the registry. was acquired by Japanese Internet giant GMO in November 2014 and has now been officially launched.$5.5 million, 2010

The domain name means “**”. It was acquired by Canadian billionaire Calvin Ayre in 2010 and has established relevant ** websites.$5.1 million, 2009

Initially, the domain name was sold for 1.25 million during the bankruptcy filing process, and was later bought by ToysRUs, a US toy retailer, for $5.1 million. At present, the domain name has been set to automatically redirect to, the official website of Toys R Us$4.9 million, 2008

In 2008, Zappos acquired the domain name for $4.9 million, which was later acquired by Amazon as part of the company’s assets. However, accessing the domain name will still redirect to the Zappos page.$4.7 million, 2013

The domain name was acquired by the British IG Group in 2013. At about the same time, the IG Group acquired the domain names and, and the domain name has been launched by the IG Group to establish a website. 3,770,000, 2016

Wanjia Huangou, a subsidiary of Fanyue Group, acquired the domain name. Last year, this news shocked the domain name circle!$3.1 million, 2014

The domain name means “whiskey”, and overseas domain name investor Michael Castello and his younger brother David Castello sold the domain name in 2014. The buyer was Horst Luenig of The Whisky Media Corporation. 3 million, 2006

The domain name means “vodka”. In 2006, Russia’s largest vodka producer-“Russian Standard Co” acquired this domain name.

With the advent of the mobile Internet, various apps and small programs have emerged, giving people the illusion that domain names are worthless, because domain names have become the same thing as ip addresses and are hidden.

However, this is really an illusion, domain names will always only appreciate, not depreciation. Why did Lei Jun and Luo Yonghao spend such a big price to buy domain names?

The web site will still be the mainstream of the Internet for a long time in the future, and the domain name is the face of the website;

A good domain name resource is like Bitcoin, which is very limited. There is one less to register, and the collection value is extremely high.

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