The world’s first text message sold at a sky-high price of 107,000 euros

The world’s first text message on the 21st was sold for 107,000 euros in the French capital Paris in the form of non-fungible token (NFT) works. Together with commissions and other fees, the total transaction price was 132,680 euros. The world’s first text message sold The content of this text message was “Merry Christmas” in […]

The 10 highest-rated classic movies in the world have won many firsts!

Best movies of all time ,Top 100 movies ,the best movies you’ve never heard of ,highest-rated classic movies,Greatest films of all time ,Classic movie ,Top 100 movies of all time ,Classic movie recommendation ,Movie recommendation IMBD ranking is a world-renowned movie scoring website, which has strict requirements on raters, and is filtered by mathematical formulas […]

Food list for Chinese astronauts on the space station-Tiangong No.1 Food City

Chinese astronaut food What do Chinese astronauts eat How do astronauts eat China Space Station Chinese astronaut food list Chinese Space Station Food On June 17, 2021, the Chinese entered their own space station for the first time. Three astronauts will spend three months in space on a “business trip”. In fact, entering space is […]

The Most expensive musical instrument in the world

Most expensive musical instrument When it comes to expensive musical instruments, the first reaction of many students may be several world-renowned piano brands, such as Steinway, Bösendorf and Bechstein. In addition, some students may also think of the violins made by the three Italian piano families Amati, Stradivari and Guarneri. most expensive violin in the […]

Top 10 The Most Expensive Currency in the world 2021

The Most Expensive Currency ranking Money is a type of currency. Commonly known as money. The so-called currency is a tool to measure price, a medium for purchasing goods, a means of preserving wealth, a contract between the owner of property and the market regarding the right to exchange, which is essentially an agreement between the owners. What is the most valuable currency […]