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The most expensive IPO in history 2022


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The most expensive IPO in history is out.

The most expensive IPO in history 2022

The most expensive IPO in history is out. On December 20, Hemai shares landed on the Science and Technology Innovation Board. Since its issue price was as high as 557.8 yuan per share, it was called the most expensive IPO in history. On the first day of listing, Hemai shares quickly rose after the opening, reaching 824 yuan per share at one time. At 9:55 am, the stock price fell after the temporary suspension was triggered. As of the close, the stock price has risen by 29.98%, with a market value of 29 billion yuan.

Although, from the current point of view, Hemai shares are only “super big meat fortune.” But the company was abandoned in large numbers when it was issued. Investors believe that the issue price and price-earnings ratio of Hemai shares are too high, and they are worried that they will fall after buying. Therefore, 651,387 shares were abandoned online, with an amount of 363 million yuan. The abandonment amount also set a record for the highest abandonment amount on the Science and Technology Innovation Board. To the surprise of many investors, Hemai shares broke out, and many investors who abandoned their purchases rushed to Tieba to “cry their heads and cry.”

The author was taken aback when Hemai shares yelled at the issue price of 557.8 yuan per share. After digging deeply, I discovered that the company is not small and its strength is quite amazing. Relevant information records that behind Hemai shares is an entrepreneurial team created by Zhejiang University professors. In the past one or two years, it seems nothing new for university professors to start their own businesses to achieve IPOs. On the one hand, professors have scientific research resources and research teams (students). What they lack is independent space and capital. On the other hand, when the Internet dividend is peaking, large companies have nowhere to tap talents, and under the rise of the hard technology track, capital has begun to target entrepreneurs with scientific research backgrounds.

Yang Bo, the founder of Hemai, is such a professor-type entrepreneur who steps on capital. However, unlike the elderly professors in many people’s minds, Yang Bo is just a post-80s who worked as an associate professor at Zhejiang University at a young age. He is truly extraordinary. In the year of the college entrance examination, he was successfully admitted to Zhejiang University’s top-ranked power electronics major in the country. From undergraduate to Ph.D., he spent countless cold and heat on campus. After graduation, Yang Bo is still studying academics, while staying on campus to engage in teaching work, while thinking about bringing the school’s scientific research out of the laboratory, through practice to learn the truth, to verify the reliability of academic research. In 2012, the domestic new energy trend began to rise. As a power electronics expert, Yang Bo decided to establish a company on this track, named Hemai, mainly engaged in the research and development of photovoltaic inverters and other power conversion equipment and electrical complete equipment and related products. Manufacturing and sales.

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