The 10 highest-rated classic movies
The 10 highest-rated classic movies

The 10 highest-rated classic movies in the world have won many firsts!

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The 10 highest-rated classic movies

The following editor introduces the top ten classic movies on this website.

Top1 “Shawshank’s Redemption”

The 10 highest-rated classic movies in the world have won many firsts!

“Shawshank’s Redemption” is an absolute classic in the history of Chinese and foreign films, and it has been dominating the top of many rankings.

The film is adapted from the first chapter in Stephen King’s collection of short stories, “Four Seasons”. The plot of the story is not complicated. The male protagonist Andy is a banker and was imprisoned in the “Shawshank Prison” for allegedly killing his wife. Thirty years of imprisonment. From the hopelessness and the gloomy decadence of no future, to getting to know Rhett, the wind flourishes. Regain the hope for life and cherish the desire for freedom.

The hope of life, the pursuit of freedom for a lifetime. It looks directly at the inevitable imprisonment and shackles under “institutionalization,” breaking the established fate of the world, passing through fear and redeeming the decay, allowing us to see a little light of hope in the dark.

“I hope my dream is as blue as the Pacific Ocean.”

Top2 “The Godfather”

“Don’t hate your opponent, it will make you lose your mind.”

“The Godfather” is a landmark epic gangster film, it is hailed by the public as the “men’s bible” and is called “the pinnacle of classics.”

The film is adapted from the novel of the same name, and some of the characters are derived from real prototypes. The first part mainly depicts the alternate succession of the two generations of the godfathers of the Creon family, and the crisis is full of bullets behind him.

The group portraits of the characters in the background of the film’s frame, the uniquely charming and sculpted depictions of the characters, are endlessly memorable.

Although it is a gangster movie with a grand narrative structure, its ultimate goal is still the family, making this bloody wind permeated with a little warmth.

Top3 “The Godfather 2”

The best sequel movie in film history, won 6 Oscars.

It is the prequel to the story, it is the continuation of the legend. In “The Godfather 2”, memories and reality intersect, telling the story of the second-generation godfather’s struggle and the road to the king. Through his memories, he narrates the unfortunate childhood of the first generation of godfathers, the life of decisive, hard-working, and turning defeat into victory.

The two embarrassing eras have changed over time, the illusory “American Dream” of a yellow beam.

Top4 “Pulp Fiction”

A masterpiece directed by Quentin, a master of violent aesthetics, won the Best Screenplay Award at the 1994 Cannes Film Festival as a representative of American independent films.

The film is composed of three simple short stories, which are intertwined with each other. The beginning and the end form a wonderful connection. The unique Quentin narrative structure breaks the traditional pattern. Present multiple perspectives and construct a three-dimensional story layout.

The life shrouded in black humor is trivial, and the film is full of intriguing absurdities. The incisive and incisive performance of the uncertainty and disorder in life and the helplessness of accidents.

Top5 “The Good, the Good and the Good”

“Since you work to survive, why do you work for the sake of work”

The finale of “The Red Dead Trilogy”, a classic legend of wild wilderness and western cowboys. The northwest scene of the desert with lonely smoke and yellow sand.

The film uses the grim situation of the Civil War as the background of the story, but it handles it easily and humorously, without too much attention to war. The positioning of The Good, the Bad and the Bad is ugly, bad, and good. They are the cunning Jiang Yang thief, the vicious killer, and the righteous cowboy. A huge gold coin event unfolded in the maelstrom of a specific era.

Blow the OST of the movie!

Top6 “Batman·The Dark Knight”

“This city needs a real hero.”

The ceiling of the superhero, the Batman series directed by Nolan. Was the number one on the imdb list.

There are three magical characters in Gotham City. The Batman who haunts the city in the dark-Playboy Master Wayne. A ghost-like clown with unknown history, a little mad and deep understanding of the gloom of human nature. The double-faced knight walking in the sun symbolizing justice-Prosecutor Harvey. The trio of wits and courage about justice, constantly looking for a constantly subverting sense of identity.

“What people want to see is always what they imagined.”

Top7 “Twelve Angry Men”

Known as the greatest court film in film history, it has been remade many times.

The plot is simple and clear, telling a heated debate on a juvenile jury formed by twelve men of different identities. At the beginning of the article 1 person vs. 11 people, and then the argument was accompanied by surprise, accusation, quarrel, deep thinking… Values ​​were shocked again and again, and opinions were shaken again and again. Shows the shocking brilliance of the law and the awe of life.

The wonderful thing is that the whole story is in a small meeting room, and you can feel the heat and swelling before the summer rainstorm overflowing the screen. At the end of the rain, everything merges into the vast sea of ​​people.

Top8 “Schindler’s List”

“When you save a life, you save the whole world”

This is a classic film of the Second World War full of humanistic care. Schindler was a German businessman who initially wanted to rely on war for profit and hired a large number of cheap Jewish labor for his factory. Then, as the war intensified, brutal killing was everywhere. Was awakened by the shocking sight before him, he ran out of money and bankrupted his family, protecting 1,100 Jews on his own.

On Schindler’s list, it is not only the lives of the Jews that are redeemed, but also the comfort of endless exhausted souls, the light and hope in the sky.

Top9 “The Lord of the Rings: Invincible Kings”

The 76th Academy Award for Best Picture, a epoch-making trilogy of the Lord of the Rings, comparable to the Godfather series.

Based on Tolkien’s novel of the same name, the original is the originator of modern fantasy literature.

The magical war has gradually entered a white-hot stage, the warcraft army is crushing the realm, and the decisive battle between darkness and light is about to start. The magnificent epic atmosphere is the most shocking and magnificent magical masterpiece in the history of film.

Top10 “Fight Club”

“Evil and mediocrity dormant in the same matrix, facing each other at a specific time”

The subject of schizophrenia tells a story of cement MSG. The cowardly and desperate Jack met Taylor, who was rebellious and violent, and together he founded the “Underground Fight Club.” By returning to barbaric fighting, break the emptiness of the mirage in the city and escape from spiritual slavery. Finding the true nature of oneself in the gurgling blood, getting a moment of emptiness in the day-to-day boring.

Jack who wants to be Taylor so much

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