Astronaut Farting
Astronaut Farting

Astronaut Farting On The space Station May Cause Death, Really?

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Will astronauts fart in space lead to death? It turned out to be true

It’s funny, But it’s not a joke

it is believed that many people, when asked what their dreams are when they are young, will answer to astronauts. astronauts are a reverent and enviable profession, but what many people don’t know is that astronauts are very dangerous, and in the universe, if they make a little mistake, they can die in the universe. so, did you know that astronauts can fart in space? below with barra leaderboard net small editor together to understand it!

can astronauts fart in space?

astronauts can’t fart in the sky. we all know that astronauts out of the capsule, in the universe need to always wear spacesuits, if astronauts fart, gas will be in spacesuits, because space is too small, very likely to cause explosions, many people may not understand, to give a simple example we understand. [bai]

you should have seen that throwing cigarette butts or mars-carrying things into septic tanks can cause septic tanks to explode because the septic tanks contain a lot of methane gas and explode when mars comes up. in addition to mars, methane gas concentrations, if reached a certain level, can also cause explosions or combustion.

Astronauts Farting In Space Can Be Fatal, Really?

in addition to carbon dioxide, butts also contain methane, hydrogen, hydrogen sulfide and other gases, these gases are easy to burn, if farts in the universe, because spacesuit space is very small, the concentration of these gases will be very high, so it is likely to cause an explosion, and in a weightless state of astronauts farting the driving force may eject people, may endanger the safety of astronauts.

that’s why scientists have come up with a number of solutions, such as installing an air filtration system in a spacesuit so that hydrogen sulfide in a fart can be adsorbed, and strictly selecting the right material for the spacesuit’s production process, avoiding the use of materials that are prone to friction and sparks.

Astronaut Farting On The space Station May Cause Death, Really?

in a closed spaceship or space war space is very small, if the continuous farting, the space station gas is easy to dirty, so scientists in the astronaut’s diet up and down a lot of effort; how much fart and fart gas composition and eat food, as well as the colonies in the intestines are closely related; man has a long way to go to conquer space.

Why farts in everyday life is all right

Astronaut Farting On The space Station May Cause Death, Really?

as we said earlier, farts contain gases that are easy to burn and explode at high concentrations, but the conditions are limited. usually when people fart, it will be quickly diluted by the air, it is difficult to cause high concentrations of gas. so farting in daily life has nothing to do with it, at best it will be smoked by the taste.

so astronauts are really a very hard job, and they have to be careful when they do their usual daily activities, all for the greater purpose, and they deserve everyone’s respect.

Chinese astronaut food list

Tiangong space station

Chinese Astronaut Food list ; When the first-time spaceflight docking of Tiangong I in China, the food list of three carriers, Jing Haipeng, Liu Wang, and Liu Yang, was even richer, and the food list contained the following: fish aroma flesh, miyaoji Ding, Shijin fried rice, curry fried rice, mushroom chicken nuggets, snowmeal flesh, black pepper cattle Liu, red burnt meat, asparagus ham fried rice, etc. we can see that the recipe was five days a dayCirculation, which includes nearly 100 species in 6 major categories: staple, paraphagic, ready to eat, drinks, condiments, and functional foods.

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