Food list for Chinese astronauts on the space station-Tiangong No.1 Food City

Chinese astronaut food What do Chinese astronauts eat How do astronauts eat China Space Station Chinese astronaut food list Chinese Space Station Food On June 17, 2021, the Chinese entered their own space station for the first time. Three astronauts will spend three months in space on a “business trip”. In fact, entering space is […]

The world’s four most expensive foods ,the last kind of money can not buy

What is most expensive food in the world? Introduction: The world’s four most expensive food, Japan’s watermelon on the list, the last kind of money can not buy everyone good, welcome to watch the new issue of the content, in order to maintain the normal needs of the body, human must eat enough food. Prices […]

The Most Expensive Coffee in the world Behind Of Darkness

Most Expensive kopi luwak In The World In recent years, small capital life has gradually become the mainstream, from instant, mocha, latte to freshly ground coffee, coffee addiction is quietly accompanied around, and the world’s most expensive, most famous, is the origin of cat coffee, cat coffee, there is a historical story. In the seventeenth […]