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The Most Expensive Violin In The World 2021

The Most Expensive Violin In The World 2021
The Most Expensive Violin In The World 2021

Most Expensive Violin in the world 2021

In 1741, the classical violin “viodang” made by the Guarneri family, a piano maker in Italy, is the most expensive violin in the world. It is known as the “king of the piano”. It is said to be worth US $20 million. The price is almost equivalent to the total value of several super cars and villas. It can be called Hermes in the violin. Most expensive violin

The Most Expensive Violin in the world

Most Expensive Violin In The World

It is believed that anyone who is interested in the violin will know that although the famous piano making family “Guarneri” has experienced hundreds of years, the symbol of “Guarneri” seems to be a symbol of quality.

Therefore, basically, as long as the piano they make can be used in good condition, the general value is more than US $3 million, If the violin has been played by other famous masters and is well preserved, the value is higher, mostly more than US $5 million

Which is comparable to the top ten most expensive items in the world. The most expensive violin in the world 2021

Among the five generations of Guarneri family, Jesus Guarneri, the son of Giuseppe Guarneri, became the most successful of the latter three generations. He made the world’s most expensive violin “viodang”, which has a history of nearly 300 years.

It is said that the latest auction price is nearly US $20 million, which can almost be called “Guarneri” The family has made great contributions, which has made the “Guarneri” family more famous in the violin industry.

The world’s Most Expensive Violin was displayed in Beijing in 2008

The world's Most Expensive Violin was displayed in Beijing in 2008

During the period from October 29 to November 1, 2008, the famous “Stradivari famous piano concert” was successfully held in Beijing.

It is said that it was held in the concert hall of the National Grand Theatre at that time. Many famous pianos were displayed on the spot.

The total value of the eight most expensive pianos was far more than 60 million US dollars, Stradivarius violin equivalent to 415.07 million yuan. It can be said that this is a rare scene in the world, Because there are few opportunities to gather so many famous Qin together.

Among so many famous violins, the most expensive one was the violins of “viordan”.

At that time, several other violins were performed by masters on the stage. For example, the violinist Edward wolferson from France played the “general Cade” violin, which was worth up to $10 million, but only this “King of kings” The classical violin has only been displayed, which shows how precious it is! Guarneri violin Stradivari violin

What are the most expensive violin brands?

The Top 5 Most Expensive Violins in the World

  • “Folinari” guarnerius del gesu – 1.8 million euros.
  • “Mrs. Tannan LAFONT” Stradivarius – 1.5 million euros
  • “Red” or “Mendelssohn” Stradivarius – $1.7 million
  • “Kreutzer” Stradivarius in 1727 – 1.5 million euros
  • “Dorothy delay” godanini – 1 million euros
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