What are the 20 most expensive stocks?
What are the 20 most expensive stocks?

2021 Top 10 Most expensive stocks in China stock market

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What are the 10 most expensive stocks?

In 1996, when the beginning of stock speculation, high-priced stocks are not many, as if four -Changhong, Lu-mouth and other stocks fifty-six yuan look, and then appeared the first hundred-dollar shares is called what, ante-tech, and then know Maotai, more and more powerful, the Vietnam War more brave. This year it’s all over two thousand. Most expensive stock

As of the close on May 18th, who is the ten most expensive stocks on the market?

1. Guizhou Maotai 2059.31 yuan

Guizhou Maotai Wine Co., Ltd. is the main business of Maotai wine and series of wine production and sales. The leading product”, Most valuable company Guizhou Maotai Wine, is one of the world’s three major distilled wines, and is also a white wine brand that integrates National Geographic Products, Organic Food and National Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Most expensive stock in china
Most expensive stock

2. Stone Technology 1278.34 yuan

China’s stock market Beijing Stone Century Technology Co., Ltd.’s main business for intelligent cleaning robots and other intelligent hardware design, research and development, production (to commission processing and production methods to achieve) and sales, its main products for Xiaomi custom brand “Mijia intelligent sweeping robot”, “Mijia handheld wireless vacuum cleaner”, Top stock prices as well as its own brand “stone intelligent sweep robot”, “stone hand vacuum cleaner” and “small tile intelligent sweeping robot.” The company is the international lidar technology and related algorithms used in the field of intelligent sweeping robots in large-scale leading enterprises.

What are the 20 most expensive stocks?
What are the 20 most expensive stocks?

Which is the most expensive stock in the world?

3. Chimi Technology 740.29 yuan

Chengdu Chimi Technology Co., Ltd.’s main business is intelligent projection product development, production and sales. Its main products and services include H-Series, Z-Series, Portable Series, MOVIN Series, 4K-class performance products RSPro, smart micro-investment series, laser TV series, Berkshire Hathaway innovative product lines, projection-related accessories products, Internet value-added services.

4. Aime 631.49 yuan

Aimek Technology Development Co., Ltd. specializes in the research and development, production and sales of biomedical materials, is the domestic medical soft tissue repair materials in the field of leading enterprises. US stock price ranking

What is the most expensive stock in 2021?
What is the most expensive stock in 2021?

What is the most expensive stock in 2021?

5. Zhongwang software 581.86 yuan

Guangzhou Zhongwang Longteng Software Co., Ltd. is the leading domestic research and development design industry software suppliers, mainly engaged in CAD / CAM / CAE and other research and development design industrial software research and development, promotion and sales business, its main products for ZWCAD, CCD mechanical version, Top 10 highest stock price Zhongwang CAD Building version, Zhongwang building plumbing, mid-view structure, Zhongwang jingyuan, Zhongwang Longteng stamping, Longteng plastic mold, ZW3D, 3D One, Zhongwang 3D education version, ZWSim-EM. The company won the 2019 China Industrial Software Industry Development Achievement Award.

Most expensive stocks in China's stock market
Most expensive stocks in China’s stock market

6. Consino – U499.40 yuan

Consino Bio AG’s main business is the development, production and commercialization of innovative vaccines in line with Chinese and international standards. The company’s main products are Ebola virus disease vaccine, meningitis vaccine, peri-white vaccine, pneumonia vaccine, tuberculosis vaccine, shingles vaccine. Market value ranking 2021

What are the 20 most expensive stocks?

7. Changchun High-tech 501.50 yuan

Changchun High-tech Industry (Group) Co., Ltd.’s main business to biopharmaceuticals, traditional Chinese medicine production and sales, real estate development as the leading industry, supplemented by development zone infrastructure construction, property management.

8. Murray Medical 471.47 yuan

Shenzhen Meirui Biomedical Electronics Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the research and development, manufacturing, marketing and services of medical devices, the main products cover three major areas: life information and support, in vitro diagnosis and medical imaging.

Most expensive stocks in China's stock market
Most expensive stocks in China’s stock market

10 Most expensive stocks in China’s stock market

9. Gibbit 448.45 yuan

Xiamen Gibbit Network Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional network game creative planning, research and development production and commercial operation of the national key software enterprises.Technology stock

10. Kanghua Bio 442.80 yuan

Chengdu Kanghua Biological Products Co., Ltd. for comprehensive research, development, management of integrated vaccine production enterprises, at the same time for the current domestic production of human diploid cell rabies vaccine enterprises

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