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Most Expensive Scotch in the world


The World’s 10 Most Expensive Scotch Whiskies

i believe that for those who love wine, whisky should be their favorite, compared with red wine, whisky is a spirits, the average male drink more. so do you know how much the most expensive whisky in the world is? what is the price ranking of the world’s top ten whisky? small editor can only say, i can not drink, the following come together into the body to understand it.

The world’s top ten whisky prices ranked

1, mccullum’s 1946 whisky (3 million)

The World's Most Expensive Scotch Whiskies
The World’s Most Expensive Scotch Whiskies

when it comes to whisky, you can’t forget it. a rolls-royce in whisky is conceivably precious. in 1962, a bottle of whisky made from mccarran’s winery was auctioned off for a sky-high 3 million yuan.

2, pomeran whisky 1957 (990,000)

most expensive whiskey in the world 2022
most expensive whiskey in the world 2022

pomeranian whisky is also the leader in scotch whisky, more than 200 years old, in 2011 a bottle of pomor whisky was sold at auction for 100,000 pounds, the exchange of rmb is about 995,000 yuan, which is another wine myth.

3, grafidi whisky 50 years (970,000)

grafidi is also an oversized brand of whisky, perhaps grafidi whisky 50 years is not the world’s most expensive wine, grafidi whisky 50 years but is the most expensive bottle of grenfell, within 10 years only 50 bottles were brewed, the price of a single bottle is also reached 970,000 yuan.

4, genting 1919 whiskey (500,000 yuan)

What is the most expensive scotch you can buy?
What is the most expensive scotch you can buy?

genting distillery is also a well-known distillery in scotland, genting 1919 whisky, once the world’s most expensive wine recorded for 20 years, was brewed in 1919, hundreds of years ago, the price of this bottle is now as high as 50,000 pounds in the united kingdom, converted into rmb is about 500,000 yuan.

Most Expensive Scotch in the world

5, grafidi whisky 1955 ($470,000)

Most Expensive Scotch in the world
Most Expensive Scotch in the world

in 2012, in honor of the death of jenny trahid roberts, granddaughter of grafidi founder william grant, a bottle of 1955 whisky was issued in her name. there are only 15 bottles in the world, four of which are in the family’s collection, and only 11 are in circulation. her family later put it up for auction, and it sold for $470,000.

6, damore 62 whiskey (350,000)

In 1943, the Great Mo distillery in the Scottish Highlands issued 12 bottles of top-of-the-line single malt whisky, aged in 1868, 1876, 1926 and 1939, each given its own unique name, this Big Mo 62 called Matheson, the name derived from the name of the owner of the GreatMore Distillery, Alexander Matheson. In 2002, the Pennyhill Park Hotel in the UK was first bought by an anonymous person for 32,000 pounds.

7. motlak 70 years whisky (170,000)

What is the #1 scotch?
What is the #1 scotch?

Described as the world’s oldest single malt whisky, there is a Scottish proverb about the importance of oak barrels for whisky, and this Mortlach 70-year-old, older in Spanish oak barrels since 1938, has survived three generations of the Urquhart family, the owner of the distillery, with only 54 bottles successfully bottled.

8, highland knight 50 years whisky (100,000)

the highland knight’s 50-year bottle design is perhaps the most eye-catching idea in the world, as a strip of silver ribbons flow around the bottle, the arabic numeral 50 is carved into it, and the overall senses are like the intricately intertested century-old tree vines. with an alcohol content of 44.8%, it is listed by many industry experts as one of the most worthy whisky collections.

9, yamazaki single whisky (78,000)

sandley’s yamazaki distillery is one of the few japanese whisky companies. although yamazaki’s 50-year price tag is hard to match that of its internationallys, it is definitely the everest in the himalayas of japanese whisky, the oldest and most expensive single malt whisky in japan, with only 150 bottles worldwide, making it the best wine worshipped by japanese whisky lovers.

10. mccullum 1928 whisky (59,000)

What is the world's most expensive Scotch whisky?
What is the world’s most expensive Scotch whisky?

Known as the Rolls-Royce in Whisky, McCallum is one of the most successful whisky brewers in the Scottish Highlands. When it was first released in 1983, it was only about 50 pounds, 500 bottles, with an alcohol content of 38.6, which is less than the standard of 40% of a single malt whisky. But as McCullum’s fame soared over the years, he was once the world’s most expensive whisky leader. It’s now selling for as much as 6,000 pounds in London.

More scotch whiskey Answers

What scotch whiskey is the most expensive?

The Macallan 1926One of the well-known and most expensive scotch in the world is a bottle of The Macallan 1926. The liquor was aged in 1926 for 60 years before it was bottled in 1986. In April 2019, a single bottle of this scotch was sold for $600,000 in an auction.

Why is Scotch so expensive now?

Fluctuation in crop size, the aging process, shipping, and importation all lead to the higher costs associated with Scotch. However, even with these high costs, the demand remains very high. When the demand for a product is high but the supply is low, you are going to see an increase in the price.

What is the most expensive scotch you can buy?

  1. Macallan “M” – $631,850.
  2. Macallan 64 year old in Lalique – $464,000.
  3. Dalmore 64 Trinitas – $153,000.
  4. Glenfiddich Janet Sheed Roberts Reserve 1955.
  5. The Macallan 1926 – $75,000.

What is the rarest Scotch Whisky in the world?

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