What is the best coffee in the world?
What is the best coffee in the world?

The Most Expensive Coffee in the world Behind Of Darkness

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Most Expensive kopi luwak In The World

In recent years, small capital life has gradually become the mainstream, from instant, mocha, latte to freshly ground coffee, coffee addiction is quietly accompanied around, and the world’s most expensive, most famous, is the origin of cat coffee, cat coffee, there is a historical story.

Why is Kopi Luwak so special?
Why is Kopi Luwak so special?

In the seventeenth century, Dutch colonists first introduced coffee saplings to Indonesia. The local poor grow coffee for the rich, but can’t afford to drink coffee in the garden, watching the rich drink coffee, satisfied look, the poor people are also envious. Careful people found that there are a lot of wild moths on the ground, wild dragonflies stole coffee beans, but these coffee beans were not digested, was discharged. Farmers feel sorry, so these have not been digested coffee collected, and processed clean and boiled to drink, farmers called this coffee cat coffee, the soldiers on duty smelled the aroma, he was fascinated by the coffee in front of him, when he tasted it, found that the coffee than he had previously drunk coffee, taste better. He asked the farmer cheerfully, who told him that it was a cup of coffee made from excreta from the field, and the patrolman was completely wiped out. Later, when he returned home, he brought these special coffee beans back to the Netherlands, and paid tribute to the noble superiors, who loved the coffee very much, and soon after, cat coffee began to become a star in the royal family, and only the royal family can enjoy it.
It wasn’t until 1896 that the secret of cat coffee was passed down, and the local wild moths were effectively protected in order to keep it available for a long time.

This pull out of the “coffee beans” of the wild, also known as musk cats, they are natural alert, hearing and smell are very sensitive, often perched in the jungle, good at climbing trees, favorite food is fresh coffee beans, often in the coffee tree to find some ripe coffee bean belly, because coffee beans are not digestible, so in its body continuous secondary fermentation, will eventually become cat feces again.

Cat Shit Coffee Behind It Is Full Of Darkness

People sieve out coffee beans, through drying, deodorization, processing and baking and other processes, and then polished brewed to drink, this body of naturally fermented coffee beans, those that will lead to bitter protein and other substances will be partially digested, so that the acidity and bitter taste of cat coffee reduced a lot, extracted from the special flavor of strong aromaol.

Why is Kopi Luwak so special?
Why is Kopi Luwak so special?

Why Kopi Luwak coffee is so expensive?

Cat coffee is unique in the way it is acquired, but capital is always dark. Because cat poo coffee is scarce, it is also quite expensive. Many profit-seeking businessmen see the value, and constantly raise the hype market price, so that its price layer by layer, and the local coffee farmers, in order to be able to chase higher profits, on their own tracks of the wild musk cat to make a large-scale arrest, catch home in the ring Breeding, only to produce more cat coffee supply, therefore, more and more musk cats lost the freedom of jungle life, but the breeding itself violates the laws of nature, from musk cat self-selected to eat to forced artificial feeding, this environment produced cat coffee , color taste will be correspondingly inferior to a lot, and musk cat body type is small, the amount of food is not large, and people in order to be more efficient to obtain cat coffee, will be fixed-point to force the musk cat to feed excessive coffee fruit.

What is the best coffee in the world?
What is the best coffee in the world?

In addition, in order to speed up excretion, will also feed a large number of pulp, long-term, musk cats would have been bad digestive system will be completely disordered, accompanied by neurotic symptoms, constantly pacing back and forth, can no longer eat any other food on their own, over time, musk cats due to extreme irritability and depression, began to bite companions, and even some musk cats will be madly tearing their bodies. Long-term harsh living environment, resulting in musk cat oral and intestinal diseases, dying day after day.

However, even so, the available of cat coffee is in short supply, can not form a large-scale commercial operation, cat coffee production is still scarce.

What is the best coffee in the world?
The Most Expensive Cat Shit Coffee

The Most Expensive Coffee 2021

According to data, as early as the early 1950s, the world’s civet resources were conservatively estimated at more than 600000. In only 30 years, the world’s civet traceability rate has been less than 120000. By the early 1990s, civets were very rare in the world. So far, the world’s civets are facing extinction.

Civets are also listed as key protected animals. At present, many of the high priced cat coffee on the market are true and false. People have led to thousands of civets for their own interests, and are experiencing this dark massacre.

If there is no sales, there will be no harm. Perhaps personal strength is limited, but spark can be original. Start to change from seeing this content.

Are you drinking Cat Shit coffee? What’s it like?

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