What's the rarest coin in the world?
What's the rarest coin in the world?

The most expensive coin in the world – the Double Eagle Coin of 1933

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Origin of the most expensive coin

The 1933 Golden Double Eagle coin was designed by August Saint-Gaudens and was minted for $20. But now it has sold for $18.9 million, making it the world’s most expensive coin.

The most expensive coin in the world

Raise the most valuable coin in the world.

when it comes to coins, including the recent hot bitcoins, there is nothing to beat the double eagle coin. the 1933 rare coin, one of the last minted gold coins ever minted in the united states, was auctioned for a record $18.9 million.

The coin was sold at Sotheby’s in New York City along with two rare stamps from luxury shoe designer Stuart Weitzman. The total value of these three projects exceeds $30 million.

“today’s auction marks a historic moment in the history of stamp and coin collections – i don’t think it will be surpassed for a long time – if anything,” said richard austin, sotheby’s global head of books and manuscripts.

The Most expensive coin in the world

despite the excitement of collectors with rare stamps, there is nothing more dazzling than a double eagle coin at the auction on june 8, 2021. at face value, this gold coin is only $20. however, the coin was last sold for about $8 million in 2002 and has been coveted by collectors for nearly 100 years. most expensive coin in the world

there are good reasons for this. the coin was hailed as one of the most perfectly designed coins ever designed. it may also be the only coin of its kind – any coin that does exist is not legally allowed to be owned.

moreover, the 1933 double eagle has a fascinating and mysterious history, all of which makes it the most valuable coin in the world.

Double eagle coins have a tangled history

The most expensive coin in the world

The 1933 double eagle coin.

the idea of minting the double eagle coin first emerged in the early 20th century, when it was commissioned by president theodore roosevelt. he recruited the famous sculptor augustus st. gordons to undertake the project.

roosevelt’s demands made st. gordons both excited and frightened. “i have always wanted to do everything in my power to improve the shameful state of our money,” he wrote in 1905. “but now that i have a chance, i approach it with fear and trembling.”

Despite the tension, St. Gordons began to work. His design depicts the Statue of Liberty on one side of the coin and an eagle on the other. The statue of Liberty is modeled by an African-American model named Harriet Eugenia Anderson.most expensive coin ever sold on ebay

because similar coins were known at the time as “hawks” ($10), “half eagles” ($5) and “quarter eagles” ($2.50), st. gordons designed coins were called “double eagles”.

The most expensive coin in the world

one side of the coin is the statue of liberty and the other side is the eagle. What’s the rarest coin in the world?

but in 1933, president franklin delano roosevelt decided to abolish the american gold standard. but in 1933, 445,000 double eagle coins were minted, and the head of the u.s. mint ordered their destruction.

most coins are melted into gold. however, 20 coins mysteriously disappeared from the american mint.

over the years, as the double eagle reappeared – 10 were found in a jeweler’s safe in philadelphia – the government struggled to get them back. they managed to recover most of the stolen double eagle coins – with one major exception.

in 1944, one of the only remaining 20 or so coins fell into the hands of king farook of egypt through an obscure loophole. it then made a tortuous and mysterious journey around the world until it fell into the hands of an anonymous buyer in 2002 for about $8 million.

the buyer was later revealed to have sold it to collector weitzman. weitzman is said to have paid more than twice the price, a deal that made the 1933 double eagle the world’s most valuable coin.

100000000000000000000 dollar most expensive coin in the world oldest coin in the world

The 1933 Double Eagle is not the only treasure that Stuart Weitzman has sold

The most expensive coin in the world

Stuart Weitzman, pictured with his luxury shoes.

but while the 1933 double eagle coin stole the show at sotheby’s, it matched two other treasures from weizmann. one is an “inverted jenny” stamp depicting an upside-down plane. the stamp collector’s coveted typographical error sold for $4.9 million.

Another work by Weitzman Weitzman, a rare stamp called The One-Cent Magenta, sold for a staggering $8.3 million. The 165-year-old stamp, sometimes referred to as the Mona Lisa in stamps, was printed in British Guiana (now Guyana) and is considered unique.

weizmann was happy to break up with the three items, saying it was “an honor to be the former custodian of these three legendary treasures.” 100 most valuable foreign coins

austin noted that weitzman “was very interesting to collect them, he was happy to sell them – he was really happy.” ” oldest coin in the world

the luxury shoe designer became a collector as a child. “i started collecting coins at the age of 12 to spend time,” he explained in a press statement. ” (i) became interested in stamps later because my brother left the stamp book he started making when he was in college.

“the passion for collections took root immediately, and today really marks the culmination of a lifetime of work.”

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