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The most expensive comic book in the world 2021


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Amazing fantasy 15 online %title%

Most expensive comic book in the world 2021

 fantasy 15 online

A marvel hero comic book sold for $3.6 million, becoming the most expensive comic book in history.

Amazing fantasy 15 online At a heritage auction on September 9, a well preserved “amazing fantasy” No. 15, which sold for 12 cents (equivalent to 0.77 yuan) at that time, sold at a high price of $3.6 million (equivalent to about 22.78 million yuan). Spider man, the protagonist of this book, has surpassed Superman and become the “most expensive” comic superhero in history. This old cartoon has only 10 pages, but it tells the birth of a hero. The phrase “the greater the ability, the greater the responsibility” runs through the decades of Spider Man series, which first appeared in this old comic book.

Amazing Fantasy 15 Cover story

Most expensive comic book in the world 2021

Published: August 01, 1962

Jack Kirby and Steve ditko collaborated on this cover, which may be the most iconic image in Marvel’s history. Before all human cloning, symbiosis and civil war, we saw spider man do what he was best at in a simpler time, catch liars and save the day.

How much is Amazing Fantasy 15?

Under Mint conditions, magic fantasy 15 is worth far more than $1 million. The last CGC nm + 9.6 was sold for $1100000 in 2011. The same version is likely to sell for at least $1500000 today. FN version 6.0 sells for between $45000 and $50000.

Who wrote Amazing Fantasy #15?

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most expensive comic book in the world 2021 - Amazing fantasy 15 online amazing fantasy,amazing fantasy #15

Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko : Civil War #2 states that Peter was specifically Using the three-to-one rule, that would mean roughly 16 years have passed, making him currently pider-Man debuts: Amazing Fantasy #15 (Aug. 1962). Cover art by

What is the Amazing Fantasy #15 in 2021?

The amazing fantasy #15 most expensive comic book in good condition is worth far more than $1000000. The last CGC nm + 9.6 was sold for $1100000 in 2011. The same copy is likely to sell for at least $1500000 today. Copies of FN 6.0 sell for between $45000 and $50000. In 2009, you could have purchased a copy of FN 6.0 for $15000! This is a huge leap in a short time – better than the overall stock market! In GD 2.0, you should be able to purchase a copy for $15000. Back in 2009, it sold for only $3000! Due to marvel film, the market of this cartoon has been booming in recent years. This cartoon will always maintain its value, but don’t expect the same return in the next decade! We suggest you choose a beautiful and eye-catching low-grade complete copy, and then continue to ride!

Why is the Amazing Fantasy comic book valuable?

The amazing fantasy #15 introduced Peter Parker as spider man in August 1962. Spider man resonates with children and adults because Peter is the first superhero to encounter real problems. He has financial problems, girlfriend problems, school problems and work problems. In addition to his spider sense and super power, Peter, like the rest of us, the public likes him! Over the years, spider man has appeared in many TV programs, movies and cartoons, increasing his global appeal. amazing fantasy 15

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Amazing Fantasy Price Guide Report

amazing fantasy,amazing fantasy #15 amazing fantasy 15 citation

GD 2.0VG 4.0FN 6.0VF 8.0NM 9.4RECORD SALE!
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