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The most expensive domain name transaction 2021


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Recently, the three-letter domain name GSM.com because of the expiration of the godaddy platform for auction, as of the time of Xiao Fat’s writing, the domain name is still two weeks away from the closing auction, the current auction price is 83,000 U.S. dollars (about 535,748 yuan). Some foreign investors said: I can not understand why this domain name will expire, it is on behalf of the global mobile communications system, is a world-class high-quality domain name.

most expensive domain name transaction 2021
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Most expensive domain names 2021


in last week’s list of transactions published by foreign platforms, domain names http://herel.com(not commonly used, generally used as names) topped the list at $27,000, while long-character combination domain names http://soaringeagle.com“flying eagle” were priced at $15,000 and http://desci.com ranked second. in addition, in the non-mainstream list http://deso.org topped the list with $10,000.


NFT start-ups recently shared on social platforms (Twain): Founded in 2016, the company has been using the brand name http://metamask.io,but has run into trouble in its operations. Because http://metamask.com are out of hand, security software always determines their company’s .io domain name as a phishing site, which keeps popping up “security warnings”to users.

most expensive domain name transaction 2021


according to foreign media reports, the combined domain name http://openschool.com“open learning, open school” recently traded for 50,000 u.s. dollars. the domain was traded in 2016 for $6,450 , meaning the seller made another profit, according to people familiar with the matter


In the past August, foreign .xyz female investor swetha sold a total of five domain names, ofwhich Arcade.xyz “mall” sold for a maximum price of $25,500 , the domain name in the .xyz historical transaction price list ranked 18th, is the investor’s current 2021 highest amount of a deal.


in the past august, the number of open non-mainstream domain names traded was us$273,000 ,with the highest trading price of us$45,000for bit.cloud, followed by us$16,000 for rush.app.


According to foreign media reports, the domain name http://Lsland.com because of expired on the platform auction, this is not the first time it has expired, five years it has expired three times, Re-registered in2016 for $510 (about RMB3,291), re-registered in2019 for $305 (ABOUT RMB1,968), and this year it sold for US$5,400 (RMB34,855)?

this makes foreign investors a little incomprehensible, why?

Little Fat analyzed thatland is the meaning of the land, and the addition of Ls before became meaningless. But if the previous change to (is) land means island, so this domain name should be the typo domain name of island.com “island”. Many people may think of lowercase “L” as capital “I”,meaningless domain name and word domain name that value is of course completely different.


According to foreign media reports, the word domain name http://Astonish.com“make… Surprise” was auctioned off for an overdue renewal and ended up selling for $41,501, another case in which the terminal lost its domain name. Because the domain name has long been owned and used by a company that provides digital marketing solutions, and the company is very focused on domain names, as Astonish prefixes a total of 63 suffixes, and protected more than 1,400 domain names. I can’t imagine why I lost the key .com domain name.


According to foreign media reports, the two-letter domain name http://it.com recently completed the transaction, the buyer is the British text messaging company Intistele. The company bought http:// it.co.uk in July 2020 for 187,200 pounds ($1,562,601), and in just one year they acquired http://it.com, although the deal was not disclosed, but it’s not hard to guess how expensive it must be. The BRITISH sm messaging company said it would use http://it.com to do a project to provide users with a “sub-domain name service” .

most expensive domain name transaction 2021

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