best sports cars 2021
best sports cars 2021

Top 10 most popular sports cars in the world 2021

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The most popular sports car

best sports cars 2021

Which car is the most popular of today’s many sports car products? To find out the answer to this question, a foreign market research firm did an analysis this year: by calculating the exposure of each car on Instagram, the picture social software, we can basically get the most popular sports car among the world’s netizens. The results may come as a bit of a surprise, with the top 10 cars ranked as follows:most sold sports car in the world

best sports cars 2021

1, Lamborghini Aventador

Aventador has posted 3.6 million images, making it the most popular sports car to date. As Lamborghini’s modern flagship sports car, Daniel’s performance and gas field are already in place. The car made its debut at the Geneva Motor Show and, after a media test drive, Aventador was named the best Lamborghini of all time by the mainstream magazine CarandDriveR. luxury sports cars brands

2, AUDI R8

The Audi R8, which has 3.39 million images posted on Instagram, is the second most popular car on the list and the only German car on the list. The R8, a model launched after Audi acquired the Lamborghini, follows the layout of the Lamborghini Kraft mid-engine, making it structurally superior to Porsche 911, Mercedes-Benz AMGGT and other German competitors. In addition, many young people have been impressed by the hero driving image in films such as the Audi R8.

3, Lamborghini Hulacan

popular sports car brands Huracan posted 2.79 million images on Instagram, ranking third on the popularity list, making it the second most popular model in the Lamborghini family. The 20-watt auto show Hulacan was first released worldwide, becoming Gallardo’s successor. Due to its sporty form factor and outstanding performance, Maverick Huracan was also purchased by the Italian government as a high-speed patrol car.

4, ferrari 458

The Ferrari 458, which has 1.68 million images posted on Instagram and is fourth on the popular list, is also the most popular model of the Ferrari family. When the Ferrari 458 was released, the V8’s naturally aspirated engine’s exaggerated form factor and unique sound waves made it the most typical Ferrari sports car of the past. Although 458 has been discontinued and its successor, 488, has been on the market for five years, he still has a strong public influence and a mass base.

5, Lamborghini Gallardo

Gallardo posted 1.38 million images on Instagram, ranking fifth on the popularity charts, becoming the third after Lamborghini Aventador and Huracan. Since its debut, Gallardo’s alien form and wild driving experience have made it the best-selling Lamborghini in 2013 and have made Italian sports cars memorable to fans around the world. most popular sports cars 2021


The McLaren P1, which has 1.16 million images posted on Instagram, is sixth on the popularity list and the only British car on the list. Launched in 2012, the McLaren P1 uses Formula One racing technology and hybrid power technology to take supercar performance to a higher level, the mainstream automotive media think he is a successor to McLaren F1, P1 in the hearts of fans around the world also occupy a high position.


The Honda NSX posted 1.15 million images on Instagram, just below the McLaren P1, which ranks seventh in the popularity rankings and only Japanese cars on the list. There were two generations of models before and after the Honda NSX, the old NSX is a combination of Honda Zongichiro and F1 driver Elton Senna, has become a generation of classic models, the new NSX uses advanced hybrid and four-wheel drive systems, representing the highest level of automotive technology in Japan today. top 10 sports cars

8, Ferrari LaFerrari

LaFerrari posted 1.16 million images on Instagram, ranking eighth on the popularity chart. Ferrari is now the highest-profile flagship sports car, with LaFerrari selling for nearly 1,000 horsepower and tens of millions of dollars, but his popularity and influence on the internet are surprisingly weaker than Ferrari’s 458. famous sports cars

9, Bugatti Veyron

The image posted on Instagram by Bugatti Veyron has 880,000 images, ranking ninth on the popularity chart. Veyron is the first supercar to be launched after the long-sleeping Bugatti brand was acquired by Volkswagen, and has since broken several speed records. At the moment, he has stopped producing and selling, not Chiron, but Veyron still attracts a lot of attention from netizens, and he is more popular than Chiron.

10, Bugatti Chiron

best sports cars 2021

The images posted on Instagram by Bugatti Chiron have 810,000, 10th in the popularity charts. Chiron is a new super run introduced by Bugatti, France, to replace Veyron. Chiron has an updated look, a more exaggerated power and a more extreme speed, and in recent years he has often refreshed speed records in an attempt to get people to remember him, but judging by this statistic, the process may take some time. most popular sports cars 2021

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