1950S: The most expensive supermodels in the world

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A photo sold for $7.45 million

America in the 1950s was a star-studded, glittering, noble and elegant Audrey Hepburn, sexy and charming Marilyn Monroe, a generation of Princess Grace Kelly, elizabeth Taylor… They are like a bright pearl, shining the whole era, people like intoxicated, fascinated by it.

Dovema, America’s most expensive supermodel in the 1950s, was the long-time supermodel who dominated all fashion magazines and was the inspiration for all the famous photographers, when Dior was willing to pay $7.45 million for a photo of her, and then she acted with Hepburn, becoming the dream lover of thousands of teenagers, and she was the darling of a true God.

Who knows, however, that the rest of her life was marked by ups and downs by a man, from falling from the altar to the end of a plate in a restaurant.

Who is the #1 model in the world?
Who is the #1 model in the world?

later years washed dishes for Him living

In the winter of 1927, a mixed-race baby with a strong exotic flavor fell to the ground in New York, USA, and her parents named her Dovima Marion. God gave her a perfect face, but did not give her a good body, Dovema from childhood infirmity, and later infected with rheumatism fever, the doctor advised her to rest at home for 1 year, but the protection of the mother let her rest at home for 7 years, Dovema lost should have a childhood, but also created her fragile character, for her later misfortune laid the ambush, but this is the afterthought.

As a child by the mother “protected” in a closed environment, Dovema did not have any friends, to the mother is also a listener. Perhaps want to have more people to “protect” their daughter, in Dovema’s teenage years, her mother let her marry upstairs neighbor Gordon, understand Dovema thus became a wife, live a life of goddaughter.

Who is the best supermodel in the world?
Who is the best supermodel in the world?

Without that encounter, Dovema’s life would have been like this. At the age of 20, Dovema and her husband went shopping on the street as usual, and suddenly a woman rushed over, looking at Dovema with a burning eye, and then pulled out a business card, saying that she was the editor of vogue, a fashion magazine, in the hope that Dovema would become their model because she was so beautiful.

The life of a supermodel The most expensive supermodels

At first Dovema wanted to refuse, she was not very interesting, but with her husband’s encouragement, they agreed. I didn’t expect the first shot, Dovema had the privilege of working with the famous photographer Owen Payne, and even more surprisingly, Dovema, who had no shooting experience, was so talented that every movement was just right, and every photo was fascinating.

Who is the most expensive supermodel in the world?
Who is the most expensive supermodel in the world?

By the time the magazine was published, people saw a photo of Dovema, an “unknown model”, instantly addicted, overnight, Dovema fire all over the United States, all fashion magazines are rushing to find her to take pictures, Vogue is directly signed with her, you know, this is the top fashion magazine in the United States. In order to “grab” Dovema, merchants are opening more and more high prices, when other models earn $25 an hour, Dovema even easily received $60, people jokingly called her “one-dollar woman a minute”, and “the most beautiful woman of the era.”

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Kendall JennerThe older of the “Jenner girls”, Kendall Jenner, who decided to work on her career as a high fashion model, was the highest-paid model in 2020, earning $40 million annually, which can only be expected to go up after the release of her 818 tequila brand.

Dovima’s most famous photograph is this “Dancing with the Elephants”, dovema dressed in a 1955 Dior evening dress, in a group of elephants elegant turn, time, petite and huge, strength and softness collide with each other, to people a strong visual impact, Dovemana’s beautiful posture, become synonymous with countless goddesses, Dior eventually bought the collection for 840,000 euros ($7.45 million)

However, with Dovema’s fame, income increase, “strong men and women” model so that her husband Gordon was deeply hit, the gap between husband and wife more and more deep, and eventually the husband filed for divorce, Dovema chose to accept, and from then on concentrate on the work. However, at the age of 35, Dovema caused a stir when she suddenly announced her retirement from the modelling industry. Because Dovema knew that as she got older, she was bound to be abandoned by the times, and had to choose another path for herself in advance and leave with dignity.

Due to Dovema’s outstanding temperament and beauty, as well as years of accumulated contacts, she still left the modeling circle by countless people’s attention, and then many directors found her, after Dovema’s choice, she participated in the film “Sweet Sister”, with Hepburn box performance, it is surprising that even if the dust like Hepburn, next to Dovema is still slightly inferior, God really gave Dovema too much.

Who is the most expensive supermodel in the world?
Who is the most expensive supermodel in the world?

Then, Dovema mixed up in the film and television circle, opening up a new world, everything is so beautiful and hopeful, but a man destroyed her – the second husband Alan Murray. At first the two fell in love with you, very sweet, but once married, the other side’s nature was exposed, he drank, gambled, and often punched and kicked Dovema, but because of the weak character, Dovema once chose to give in, so carry for 6 years.

As her health deteriorated, Dovema could not bear it any longer, she filed for divorce, took her daughter to Los Angeles, but at this time she knew that her husband had already squandered her property, Dovema was too late to think about the next step, her husband actually took her step first, to “Dovema kidnapped their daughter” as the reason, dovema to court, causing a stir, Dovema’s career and image seriously damaged. To Dovema’s despair, the court finally awarded her daughter to her husband, who lost almost everything.

Frustrated, she returned to her hometown and went to her parents. In order to make a living, Dovema had to go out to work, but the reality is cruel, now she is old, bad reputation, has long been replaced by others, Dovema can not find a decent job, and finally can only go to the mall as a salesman, to the restaurant as a waiter, with a modest salary, until she was in her 50s sick hospital. On May 3, 1990, the great man died of illness at the age of 63.

Who is the most expensive supermodel in the world?

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