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World’s Most Expensive Polo Shirts – Top 3 Polo Shirt Brands


Understanding brand polo shirt brand by understanding the character of that person, and want to know a person’s character, from his clothing style, color, clothes, ties, shoes and other things can understand the same. Today’s mini-editor takes a look at the three POLO brands: Lacoste, Fred Perry, Ralph Lauren. These three brands have a long history, can stand the test of time, keep up with the trend of the times. most expensive polo ralph lauren shirt

1. Lacoste (Crocodile) – inventor of POLO shirts

World's Most Expensive Polo Shirts
World’s Most Expensive Polo Shirts

Founded in 1933, LACOSTE has always been synonymous with ease and elegance. In 1933, the French tennis champion, Ren? Lacoste, made a lightweight and comfortable short-sleeved jersey out of a thin, breathable, small convex mesh fabric, replacing the traditional long-sleeved jersey with a hard, traditional long-sleeved jersey, setting off a menswear revolution that created what is now known as the LACOSTE classic POLO shirt.

MELBOURNE, January 25, 2014 – This year’s LACOSTE will continue to be the only designated official clothing partner for the Australian Open, providing sideline referees, caddies and referees for Australian Open matches. And the rise of the 2013 happy male voice of the music industry rookie Oh Hao, Yu Hao, as a special guest of LACOSTE, was invited to watch the Australian Open women’s singles final, with the fans to wave the flag. Their participation adds more youth and vitality to THE LACOSTE brand, which is full of French elegance. Best polo shirt

Polo shirt series products by adapting to the new trend of improvements to be expanded, and the introduction of new materials and designs. The collection maintains a diversity of development, but does not in any way affect the essence of Lacoste’s bravery and elegance. At all times, Lacoste has always maintained their sport, elegance and classics and originality.

Second, Fred Perry -More meta-cultural value

World's Most Expensive Polo Shirts
World’s Most Expensive Polo Shirts

Fred Perry is a famous British tennis product founded in the late 1940s. The story of the Fred Perry brand, who has been described as the greatest player in British tennis history, has completed a career Grand Slam at the age of 26 and has eight Grand Slam titles. ace of aces polo After his retirement, he started a small sweat belt business with Austrian footballer Tibby Wegner, made of lightweight towels, and later introduced a slim white knitted cotton sweatshirt for the game. As things got bigger, Fred Perry created his own brand, logo for laurel leaves, the “noble” leaf that was a symbol of victory for ancient Greece, and the Olympic wreath.

“The pursuit of freedom, fashion, freedom” is synonymous with it, Fred Perry’s Polo shirt fabric is not very soft, but it is unusually wearable, washed many times after not easy to style and deform. Each of its colour schemes has its own story, such as black Phnom Penh, which stands for opposition to the mainstream, and red and white, known as Perryboy, which is popular in Manchester’s underground subculture. But it’s important to note that Fred Perry is mainly suited to European and American body shape, so their version is long and thin, if you like this style can be considered.

Ralph Lauren – Representative of American Culture

World's Most Expensive Polo Shirts
World’s Most Expensive Polo Shirts

Ralph Lauren is from america and has a strong American flavor. Ralph Lauren’s main consumer class is middle-income consumers and celebrities, and comfortable, affordable Ralph Lauren POLO shirts in Europe and the United States and Asia, almost everyone’s wardrobe must-have style!

Its designer, Ralph Lauren, says the Ralph Lauren POLO shirt is a blend of fantasy, romance, innovation and classical inspiration. For Ralph Lauren, high style stylization is a necessary foundation for fashion, which should not only be worn for one season, but should be timeless and timeless. luxury men’s polos POLO brand fashion, derived from the American tradition, best polo shirt brands brand name polo shirts but close to life, it means a high-quality life.

Most Expensive Polo Shirts

If you want others to look at you differently, the primary goal is to gradually cultivate their own taste in dress, clothing taste brought up, you will find that the world is much better than you think, do not believe you can try it. 

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