What do astronauts eat at the space station
What do astronauts eat at the space station

Food list for Chinese astronauts on the space station-Tiangong No.1 Food City

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On June 17, 2021, the Chinese entered their own space station for the first time. Three astronauts will spend three months in space on a “business trip”.

What do astronauts eat at the space station How do astronauts eat

In fact, entering space is not the only challenge faced by scientists. Once we send astronauts to carry out exploration missions in space, we must also solve their daily problems, the most important of which is to provide them with delicious food.

Space food, as the name suggests, refers to food processed by special processes and eaten exclusively in the space environment. It includes food and water for astronauts during missions in space and return and landing waiting for rescue. Due to the different space environment and the characteristics of astronauts’ life and work, many special requirements are put forward for space food, such as small volume, light weight, rich nutrition, convenient eating and so on. Through the continuous improvement of scientists, the type and variety of space food are close to the ground diet.

How Do Astronauts Eat

What do astronauts eat at the space station How do astronauts eat

So, what food did the Chinese Astronauts Prepare for the first time into space?

As early as October 2003, when China carried out its first manned space flight, astronaut Yang Liwei brought specially processed fish flavored shredded meat, kung pao chicken, eight treasure rice and traditional Chinese medicine tea, which were in line with the taste of the Chinese people. How do astronauts eat !

What do astronauts eat at the space station

When China’s first manned spaceflight docked Tiangong-1, the food list of the astronauts Jing Haipeng, Liu Wang and Liu Yang was richer. The food list included: shredded pork with fish flavor, kung pao chicken, assorted fried rice, curry fried rice, mushroom chicken, shredded pork with snow cabbage, beef fillet with black pepper, braised meat in brown sauce, fried rice with winter bamboo shoots and ham, etc. We can see that there are nearly 100 recipes in six categories, including staple food, non-staple food, instant food, drinks, condiments and functional food.

What do astronauts eat at the space station How do astronauts eat

So, do you know why so many different dishes are prepared? It’s not because astronauts are “eating goods”. In fact, taking these foods not only suits the taste of the Chinese population, but also has some other functions:

The first function: delicacies such as shredded fish meat have another function, that is, astronauts’ muscles will shrink under weightlessness. Foods such as shredded fish meat and soy sauce beef are rich in protein, especially whey protein, which helps to promote muscle synthesis. Moreover, these foods taste good and promote their appetite.

What do astronauts eat at the space station How do astronauts eat

The second function: when astronauts are weightless, their defecation function will also be weakened, and their appetite will be affected. Rich varieties will stimulate people’s appetite and increase food intake.

The third effect: when astronauts stay in weightless environment for a period of time, there will be a physiological reaction called “Charlie Brown effect”, just like having a serious cold, blushing, thick neck, stuffy nose, tasteless mouth, and dull sense of smell and taste. Therefore, in order to increase astronauts’ taste and appetite, it is necessary to add more spicy and spicy ingredients to aerospace food. The diet of Chinese astronauts includes a variety of sauces: Sichuan spicy sauce, barbecue sauce and seafood sauce.

What do astronauts eat at the space station How do astronauts eat

The fourth function: Chinese astronauts can not only eat delicious food in space, but also eat some desserts after dinner. When people are inconvenient to move, they don’t want to eat too much food. Dessert provides high energy, delicious and strong sense of satiety. A small amount of intake can make people very satisfied. Eating dessert can not only provide energy, but also easily make people feel happy and relaxed.

I have to admit that China still attaches great importance to the aerospace industry. Each of their astronauts is a hero and their contribution to their motherland deserves everyone’s respect. What do you think of the food eaten by astronauts in space? Welcome to leave comments!

The text in the pictures in the text are all in Chinese and cannot be translated for you, because the names of Chinese food are really difficult to understand, but the taste should look good. This is not the point. The point is that the entire system of China’s space station Tiangong-1 is all in Chinese Interface, what does this mean?

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