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De Beers – The world’s largest diamond brand company

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De Beers - The world's largest diamond brand company
De Beers – The world’s largest diamond brand company

Which is the best diamond company?

DeBeers de beers mining

De Beers is the world’s largest diamond company. The De Beers Group controls companies in the diamond mining, diamond processing and diamond trading sectors; and is active in all avenues of diamond mining – open-pit mining, underground mining, alluvial mining and offshore mining.

the de beers diamond masters legend has been at the forefront of the industry since 1888, leading people to explore the world of diamonds. we hand-select rare natural diamonds and combine these artistic masterpieces from nature with unique designs to give each piece of jewelry a unique style like its wearer.

De beers’ brand heritage: world’s largest diamond brand

1888 – De Beers Consolidated Mines is founded, marking the official departure of De Beers’ legend in the diamond world.


1947 – Frances Gerety, a young copywriter at N. W. Ayer Advertising, creates a classic ad for De Beers that still stands today, “A Diamond is Forever” (Chinese translated as “Diamonds last forever, a lasting one”).

2000 – to celebrate the millennium, de beers unveils the de beers millennium star diamond for the first time. weighing up to 203.04 carats, the diamond aesthetic is maximized by water drop cutting. the debut of the de beers millennium star also heralds the imminent creation of a new premium jewelry brand by the de beers group. de beers family

2001 – De Beers Jewels is officially established. De Beers jewelry designers uphold the concept of diamonds as a masterpiece of natural art, creating a series of innovative and unique jewelry works, the most vivid display of the brilliant beauty of diamonds. The De Beers Diamond Institute, which specializes in diamond selection and inspection, was officially established. Since then, De Beers has been printing De Beers imprints and independent numbers on each diamond that exceeds 0.20 carats.

2002 – de beers’ flagship store in london opens, exuding elegance, creativity and personality that is in line with the city. the diamond road project covering southern africa has been officially launched. de beers’ commitment to protecting biodiversity in seven major destinations is an award-winning initiative and a reflection of de beers’ tireless efforts in conservation.

2003 – kimberley process regulatory regime established. this regime is designed to curb the illicit trade in conflict diamonds. each de beers diamond is certified as a non-conflict diamond.

2005 – De Beers launches its first collection of jewelry made from natural rough diamonds, the Talisman range, which combines natural rough diamonds with polished diamonds to create natural beauty. De Beers uses an ancient “chisel gold” mosaic process that allows unpolished rough diamonds and polished diamonds to be set in metal without clawing, giving diamonds a greater visual effect than they actually are. The De Beers jewelry brand continues to take the step of globalization, opening its first international store in New York. de beers net worth

2008 – opens its first de beers store in hong kong, china.

2009 – De Beers launches the Enchanted Lotus series. The collection has also become the brand’s signature design line. The center of the work outlines the spirit of the lotus, meaning purity, quiet and eternal.

2010 – Launches the Newdrop collection, inspired by the early morning beads on the leaves, meaning a fresh start.

2011 – opens its first de beers store in beijing.

2012 – De Beers launches its first Collection of High Jewelry by Iginary Nature de Beers during Paris Fashion Week.

2013 – Launches a new engagement diamond ring customization service: For You, Forever. Through this service, customers have the opportunity to hand-pick diamond, ring design and setting.

2017 – de beers announces a three-year partnership with un women to support women and girls in their countries, challenge gender stereotypes and help advance women within the organization. de beers diamonds controversy

2019 – Launches Horizon Rings, which sets the stage for a new aesthetic concept for the brand. The ring’s design combines modern style with rich fun to become a symbol of unbridled, free personality. Inspired by kaleidoscopes of natural life, Portraits of Nature by De Beers’ premium jewelry collection is equally groundbreaking in applying a wide range of natural colored diamond rough and tossing diamonds to the same jewelry collection.

Who owns the biggest diamond mine?

Top 10 Biggest Diamond Mines

Aikhal – Russia

Jwaneng – Botswana

Udachny – Russia.

Nyurba – Russia.

Orapa – Botswana.

Catoca – Angola.

Ekati – Canada.

Venetia – South Africa.

Lomonosov – Russia.

Mir – Russia. Last but not least

2021 – It has blossomed all over the world so far, and its brand influence can no longer be widely described. Its superb marketing skills have made countless companies follow suit, but it has not surpassed it so far!

Director of the company :Nicky Oppenheimer
Company official website:De Beers Jewelers | Fine Diamond Jewelry | De Beers US
Advertising sloganDiamonds are forever, and one is forever circulated
Founded 1888
de beers stock

De Beers Related brands

Forevermark’s eternal imprint : The diamond brand of De Beers Group has very reliable expertise in diamond exploration/purchasing and marketing promotion. Each beautiful diamond is imprinted with a logo and a unique number. Forevermark® is the diamond brand of De Beers Group, which has a long history and more than 130 years of diamond professional experience. Each Forevermark® diamond is a natural diamond selected by man-made, and it is imprinted with a promise of its beauty, rarity and reliable source. To become a Forevermark® diamond, it must meet our strict beauty standards and have a certificate of origin to ensure that its place of origin complies with strict economic and social standards. You can believe that every Forevermark® diamond is shining and beautiful, and benefits the community of origin. de beers monopoly

ElementSix Element Six : de beers south africa Established in 1946, under the De Beers Group, a global leader in the field of synthetic diamond and superhard materials manufacturing. It focuses on the synthesis and processing of synthetic diamond superhard materials and tungsten carbide, and is committed to providing diamond and cemented carbide precision parts Element Six was established in 1946 and has now developed into a global leader in the manufacturing of synthetic diamonds and superhard beers diamonds As a member of the De Beers Group, Element Six has more than 1,900 employees. Element Six’s main production bases are located in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, South Africa and the United States.

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