Domain Name Story: The most expensive domain name transaction record in the world

How much is Google domain worth? Google offered to pay $6006.13 to sanmay ved, who bought the domain name for $12. It eventually paid twice the amount to the charity of his choice. The deal did go through – about a minute. Most expensive domain,Most expensive domain name,What is the most expensive domain name,The […]

Introduction by Nicky Oppenheimer, Chairman of De Beers Intangible Assets Co., Ltd.

Who is Nicky Oppenheimer? abstract: nikki oppenheimer is the grandson of ernest oppenheimer, born in johannesburg on june 8, 1945, and is currently chairman of de beers intangible assets limited.the image was provided by the registered user “who am i?”copyright noticefeedback Nicky Oppenheimer Biography in 1902, ernest oppenheimer, a poor jewish boy, travelled from germany […]