most expensive domain
most expensive domain

The most expensive domain name transaction of Chinese companies

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What is the most expensive website?

Domain names are better than CEOs

That’s what was said a few years ago, when mobile Internet access was less popular 10 years ago, when companies did do a lot of surprise-price domain trading.

most expensive domain

First look at a report on the Internet:

Why is a domain name more important than a CEO? It’s not to say that 11 years ago, when Jack Ma had identified the company’s name as Alibaba, the domain name that corresponded to the company name had been registered by a Canadian and sold for $10,000. At that time, the $10,000 was almost 80,000 yuan, but Mr. Ma was determined to buy the domain name from just 800,000 venture capital, rather than choosing domain names such as ali88 or alibaba001, which were not registered at the time, when everyone thought Mr. Ma was crazy, but now everyone thinks Mr. Ma is wise.

Of course, When Jack Ma bought the domain name, he didn’t know what his company would look like in the future, it might develop very well, and maybe die in a few years, but the attitude decided to make or break, to create a great company, to choose a great domain name to match it. Because the domain name is an Internet enterprise starting point, foundation, signboard. With a good start, it’s relatively easy, and as for who the CEO is, it doesn’t seem to matter that much anymore…

What is the most expensive top level domain?

Here are a few more trading cases:

First, the most expensive domain name: 100 million yuan only for

Just a few letters, do you think the domain name is worthless? It’s nothing new for Chinese Internet companies to spend big on domain names. was bought by in March 2013 for $30 million; Xiaomi’s new domain name was bought by Xiaomi for $3.7 million in April 2014; and Soufan’s was bought in July 2014 for six figures;

On February 3, 2015, after three years of arduous negotiations, 360 company finally bought the domain name from Vodafone, the world’s largest mobile communications company, for $17 million, and converted it into more than 00 million yuan at the exchange rate of the time.

Second, the most “cheap” domain name: as long as 8 million

Now when it comes to Microblogging, the first thing that comes to mind is Sina Weibo. In fact, initially there were four major microblogging platforms in China, Sohu, NetEase, Tencent and Sina all have microblogs.

In early February 2011, Tencent’s Weibo registered users broke the 100 million mark, and in the third quarter of 2012, Tencent Weibo registered 507 million users.

Which domain is most powerful?

But Tencent’s microblogging dream will always be a dream because Sina Weibo launched the domain name on April 6, 2011.

3. 60 million

In September 2014, media reported that Prince Wanda, the national husband of Wang Si-chung, spent 60 million to win the domain name of

Opportunities are for those who are prepared. When you understand the rules and have enough patience, you will have opportunities.

What are the rules?

International Domain Name:

(1) The resolution is suspended on the expiration day. If the fee is not renewed within 72 hours, modify the domain name DNS to point to the advertising page (parking). The domain name retention period is 30-45 days after the expiration of the domain name (the time specified by different registrants’ policies is different)

(2) After the retention period, the domain name will enter the redemption period (30 days)

(3) After the redemption period, the domain name will enter a deletion period of about 5 days. After the deletion period, the domain name will be open for anyone to note.

Most expensive domain

Because I think the world is like this. Sometimes success and failure are only one step away.

Opportunities will only be given to those who are prepared, but everyone also has his own persistence.

Although having money can further improve my life, it is also a responsibility for me to continue my ordinary work.

Every ordinary person in the world has an extraordinary place, but you don’t find it.

Don’t care about the gains and losses, the world is really big.

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