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most expensive house,most expensive house in the world

Most Expensive Families In The World【Cursed】

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Most Expensive Families In The World

Conceptually, curses are superstitions and have no scientific basis. But people would rather believe it than believe it. Thus, the curse is not like bad luck, but rather like doing bad things to be punished. Legend has it that wealth, scandals, improper income, genetics, arrogance and even prophecy can all be the cause of a family curse. When a family has suffered for generations in real life, it is easy to think of whether another cursed family has emerged. AskMen, an American men’s portal, named the world’s top 10 cursed families on Tuesday. Cursed
10th Lee family
One night, Kung Fu movie star Bruce Lee had a headache and took a few pills, but did not expect an allergic reaction to the drug caused his brain to swell, and soon died of brain swelling. The 32-year-old was on his way to superstardom, and his future far-reaching classic Kung Fu film, Dragon Fight, is due to be released in a month’s time.
Twenty years later, his only son, Li Guohao, is even more mysterious and tragic than his father. He was filming a scene from the film Crow in which he was shot dead, the day before the props group accidentally loaded a real bullet into the barrel, and the next day another prop group thought it was an empty gun, and when the actor pulled the trigger, 28-year-old Li Guohao died on the spot. Like his father, he was about to be red and purple.
Future generations: the road to fame is the most dangerous and most vigilant time for members of the Lee family, perhaps this can explain Li Guohao’s ill-luck sister Li Xiangjing, because she only starred in a film, flat performance, no future, but no risk to life.
9th, Bogia Family
Rodrigo Borgia was led to the priesthood by his uncle, Pope Carlettes III, who appointed him Cardinal and Deputy Head of Church; The Vatican’s Holy See became a temporary centre of power at a time when Rome’s secular regime was in corrupt poverty.
Later, Giovanni died in an assassination attempt, most likely by Caesar. When his father died, Caesar was exiled and imprisoned by the new pope, and soon died.
Descendants: In order to compensate for the murder of Giovanni, his son Juan Bogia was knighted in 1671——— St. Francis Bogia.
8th Brando family
Marlon Brando’s mother suffered from alcohol dependence; his first wife, Anna Cashy, was plagued by drug and alcohol problems after giving birth to her son, Kristen; and Kristen, who also took drugs, shot and killed the boyfriend of his half-sister, Cheyenne, and was sentenced to 10 years in prison for intentional homicide, effectively serving six years.
To avoid Cheyenne testifying in the Kristen case, Brando sent her to Tahiti, where U.S. authorities were unable to serve subpoenas. Just a year before Kristen was released from prison, Shayne committed suicide there.
Descendants: Marlon Brando rented an island called Tetialo next to Tahiti until 2064, when Cheyenne’s brother Tehutu is currently living alone. In addition, Brando has many children, most of whom are troubled.
7th Habsburg Royal Family
Austrian Emperor Franz Josef I, who lived in the famous Habsburg, ruled the country for 68 years, the third-highest in the history of European monarchs. His grandfather, Francis II, was the last emperor of the Holy Roman Empire. Franz insisted on marrying her cousin, Bavarian Elizabeth, whose family had a long genetic history of mental illness. Elizabeth was assassinated by an anarchist at the age of 60.
Their son, Prince Rudolph, the heir to the throne, was entangled with a 17-year-old baroness and later murdered before committing suicide, an incident that shocked the world. Later, the emperor’s nephew Franz Ferdinand became heir to the throne. Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie were assassinated in Sarajevo in 1914, an incident seen as the trigger for the outbreak of World War I.
Descendants: The assassination ended eight centuries of Habsburg’s reign in Europe.

Most Expensive Families

6th Tutankhamun
King Tutankhamun, the son of Pharaoh King Akhenaten, had a long bloodline and inbreeding, so Tutan was born with cleft palate, bite defects, too large front teeth and possibly even Malfan syndrome (in his individual case, it seems that the skull should be too long).
King Tutankhamun and Anke Hasenamen had two daughters, both premature babies——— one suffering from spina bifida and one born stillborn. King Tuttan himself died at the age of 19, possibly from bruising, poisoning and gangrene, leaving no heirs behind Egypt. His wife later married a court insider named Ai, whom some believe was the murder of Tutankhamun.
Descendants: The unsealed Aye became the penultimate pharaoh king of the 18th-century Egyptian dynasty, choosing military personnel as his heirs, ending the Tutankhamun rule.
Fifth Nehr-Gandhi family
With India’s independence in 1947, a new political dynasty ushered in——— Nehru became India’s first prime minister and encouraged his daughter Indira to enter politics.
Indira was prime minister from 1966 to 1977 and was re-elected in 1980. At one point, she tried to train her
youngest son, Sainger, to succeed in his career, but shortly after she was re-elected, Sainger died in a plane crash. Four years later, Indira invaded the Sikh holy site of The Golden Temple, a move considered blasphemous to Sikhs everywhere——— even her Sikh bodyguards. Just five months later, two bodyguards fired 31 shots at her, shooting her dead.
Her premiership was succeeded by her eldest son Rajiv. In 1991, Rajiv, the woman and 16 others were killed when a young woman knelt down next to Rajiv and detonated a suicide bomb strapped to her waist.
Future generations: Rajiv’s widow, Sophia, is now the leader of India’s Congress party and one of the world’s most powerful women, but the trouble is also with her: her son Rahul is notorious across the country as a member of parliament;
Fourth Romanov family
Thirteen years after his grandfather was assassinated, the young Nicholas II became the Tsar of Russia. His wife, Alexandra, inherited a genetic mutation from her grandmother, Queen Victoria, which in turn was passed on to her son, Prince Alexei, who was waiting to succeed him, causing him to suffer from haemophilia, which all Russians considered incompetent to rule the country.
Desperate to heal her son, Alexandra turned to the controversial mystic Rasputin, further damaging the family’s reputation.
Rasputin predicted that the Romanov dynasty would come to an end a year after his own death. The nobles certainly killed him. Two months later, the February Revolution ended more than 300 years of Romanov’s rule in Russia.
Descendants: After 1918, information about the remaining members of the family was little known to outsiders.
Third Hemingway family
A glance at his family’s resume can be found at the root of his curse: severe depression.
His father committed suicide just as Hemingway, 29, was just beginning his literary career. In the days that followed, Hemingway won the Nobel Prize and the Pulitzer Prize, and had a lot of wealth, but none of this prevented him from swallowing his guns at the age of 62.
Sixteen years later, his sister, Ursula, took her own medicine because of cancer and depression; 16 years later, his only brother, Lester, shot himself after learning he needed to have her leg amputated because of diabetes; and a decade later, his 35-year-old granddaughter Margo died of a drug overdose.
Descendants: Ernest’s bloodline eventually passed down, and her granddaughter Mariel was famous, with two daughters, Deli Louise and Langley Crisman.
Second van Erick family
Fritz van Erick was a successful wrestler, and his wife had six
sons for him, but unfortunately the children were going from bad to worse: the eldest son: drowned by electric shock at the age of seven. Third son: David ——— the Texas Yellow Rose, successfully competed in the National Wrestling Federation wrestling competition, and ultimately controversially failed to beat Rick Fleur. In 1984, the National Wrestling Federation ruled, according to its complaint, that Rick Fleury should cede the title to David, but before the championship could be won, David died of a drug overdose.
Fourth son: Kelly ——— the Texas Tornado, one of the brothers’ most famous and successful, having briefly won the National Wrestling Federation title and even challenged the World Wrestling Federation title. Kelly died of a motorcycle accident in 1993 as a result of a long-term drug overdose. Fifth son: Michael, who inherited the career of his brother David, suffered from toxic shock syndrome after shoulder surgery and died of an overdose of tranquilizers in 1987. Sixth son: Chris is an unsuccessful wrestler who committed suicide in 1991 after suffering from depression.
Descendants: Second son Kevin is Fritz’s only surviving son, once known as the “Golden Warrior” he experienced a brilliant wrestling career. Kevin has four children and grandchildren.
The first Kennedy family
As the first family in America, the Kennedys had cursed bloodlines in many ways: repetition of doom, misbehaviour, and so on seemed to send them an unknown warning. Interestingly, Senator Ted Kennedy once told others that his family might be cursed. Edward Crane, the author of the book for the Kennedys, argues that the curse is “the result of the Kennedy family’s pursuit of omnipotence that ultimately collapses completely” ——— they need it to avoid goals they can’t achieve——— which is the ruthlessness of real life.
From the assassination of John F. Kennedy, the ensuing doom seems to be validating this relentless curse: including brain surgery failure, miscarriage, stroke, cancer, plane crashes, murders, ski accidents, drug overdoses, suicides, and so on, and a variety of avoidable tragedies that have led to the death of members of the Kennedy family, some by accident, some by murder, some by negligence, arrogance or misbehaviour.
Descendants: As recently as 2006, Congressman Patrick Kennedy was hit by a massive sedative; his father, Ted Kennedy, was also involved in a crash, nearly drowned, and his landline was struck by lightning.

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