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Most expensive pokémon card in the world 2021


Most expensive Pikachu Pokémon card

Most expensive Pikachu
Most expensive Pikachu

To celebrate the upcoming opening of the flagship Pokémon Center Osaka DX, this official collaboration with Japanese centennial precious metal jeweler GINZA TANAKA, featuring the popular Pokémon Pikachu and the famous “Bilicon” statue of Osaka Tongtiange, creates a 24K Pikachu pure gold statue with the Pikachu exterior combined with Bilicon’s signature soleplate and facial expressions. The overall price is 400,000 yen.

Most expensive Pikachu
Most expensive Pikachu

In addition, Pikachu is also available in conjunction with Bilican’s dolls, pendants, card boxes, card sets and mobile phone cases, and the full range will be available in the Pokémon Center Osaka DX

most expensive pokémon card 2021

Three years ago, the Pokemon Go craze swept the globe, proving that pokemon/Pokemon is by no means a child’s patent. At an auction in the U.S. last month, a Set of Pokemon Cards sold for $107,000, setting an auction record.

pokémon card

Can sell this price, naturally will not be ordinary cards. This complete U.S. version of Pokemon Card, a total of 103, was produced in 1999 and belongs to the first generation. The first generation version is very rare, some cards production is only 50. Among them is the Spitfire Dragon, which sold for $55,650 at an eBay auction two years ago.

One thing cards and art auctions have in common is how well the situation affects the price. This time this set of Pokemon cards, the bottom price of $25,000, the final domestic helper can sell for $107,010, one of the reasons is that the cards are all perfect Mint 10 condition.

most expensive pokémon card in the world 2021

pokémon card

This time it’s a record-breaking “full Set of Pokemon Cards” auction. As for the auction record for a single Pokemon card, it was written in 2016. It was a special edition card for “Illustration Pikachu”, which sold at auction house Heritage Auctions for $54,970, with the winning collector from Hong Kong. The prize of this card is that it is not a commodity for sale in itself. In 1998, the Japanese comic book magazine Coro Coro held an illustration competition, this “illustration Pikachu” is the winner’s gift, that year printed less than 40 copies, even less passed down.

most expensive pokemon card ever 2021

The rarest Pokemon card sold for $190,000 at a New York auction recently.

An unusual fan at the New York auction is selling the work: a 90s pickup card. This Pikachuka card, from the winner of the 1997-1998 comic book competition in Japan, is a personally painted poster. The card currently sells for $195,000, making it the most expensive Pokemon card in existence.

Hypebeast pokemon card

Pokemon Go is a world-class IP across animation, gaming, film, retail and more, created by Nintendo and Pokemon. In terms of games, the original work landed on the Game Boy console released in Japan in 1996. The game series is iterative and ready for release with the eighth-generation game Sword and Shield. In terms of comics, the domestic bilibili comics exclusive release, about the main series of games, including the hero in the corresponding region adventures, challenge the regional Tao museum, participate in the Baoke Dream Alliance, and the region’s legendary Baoke Dream story. In terms of film and television, in addition to the previous period of “Big Detective Pikachu”, the series of films in the form of animation on the big screen, mostly depicting the hero of the small wisdom and the story of the beast about courage and friendship.

Most expensive card

Most expensive card
Most expensive card

Rarest Pokemon card

Pokemon Go is arguably one of the world’s most gold-sucking hand-traveling tours, and has been released for three years, bringing the total to $2.65 billion (about 18.2 billion yuan) in stores around the world, including the App Store and Google Play. In August, the hand-traveling gold 780 million yuan, up 44% year-on-year.

It’s worth noting that Pokemon Company and DeNA’s Pokemon Go IP Hand Tour, “The Master of Pokemon Dreams”, is also in full force. With just four days to go, the hand tour has sold more than 10 million downloads worldwide, bringing in $20 million in revenue.

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