Most Expensive Audible Books in the World 2021
Most Expensive Audible Books in the World 2021

The 10 Most Expensive Audible Books in the World 2021

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Most Expensive Audible Books in the World 2021

10 Most Expensive Audible Books In The World

best audible books 2021 From the beginning, we’ve enjoyed listening to immersive narratives. Long ago, people eagerly climbed out of their caves to attend the appearance of their favorite storyteller in the hope of engulfing another fascinating story. In the early 1930s, when the radio started playing in most expensive book in the world 2021 American homes, the whole family dimmed the lights and listened hungrily to Arch.Obler’s nightmare story, who can forget that the famous radio series HG Wells War of the Worlds, by Orson Wells, has panicked the whole country? Even in education, researchers have produced a lot of data that illustrates the same thing: audiobooks have improved those who often read audiobooks.”Fluency, vocabulary, phoneme awareness and confidence”. Audio books are relaxing, rewarding and valuable resources in education. However, there is one drawback, many of which are quite expensive.

Why are audiobooks so expensive?

If you’re reading this book, you’ll most likely come across a book that will cost you $9.99 on Kindle and $30.00 or more on Audible. There’s a big gap, and there’s a good reason: studios, marketing and other random costs are causing price increases. Once you turn a book into a professional-produced AudiobookThings, many cost factors work, mostly around the studio. First, the narrator is charged. This will depend on who the narrator is. According to, the average cost of making an audio book is about $300 or more, while it takes about 12 hours to make one. most expensive business books on audible

what is the most expensive book on audible The same source points out that World War ZombieTwenty-one voice actors have been used, and they estimate that this could push the cost of producing audiobooks to around $17,000. This is not only about production costs, but also marketing costs. Not only that, but also the risks involved. No matter what the project is, there is no guarantee that audiobooks will be sold. After all, some people may like content, but may not like it.Announcers or voice actors. Finally, considering that audiobooks are purchased from disposable income, audiobooks are now more like luxury goods to some people.

List of the most expensive books

As you can see, producing and selling audiobooks is a risky business. To see how high prices can rise, we can find some of the most expensive audiobooks on the web. List them here. Remember, this list will fluctuate because it is based on recent sales. Last year or even last week’s most expensive books may not be now. longest book on audible

John Adams

Author: David McCarroll

Narrator: Nelson Reggae

Price: $70.95

This Pulitzer Award-winning biography was later adapted by Tom Hanks as an award-winning mini-play that delves into the life and world of John Adams, a prolific individual who played an important role in the building of this great country. Clearly listen to those who were interested in our founding fathers and what drove them awayPromote the creation of the United States.

Golden Branch: Magic and Religious Studies

Author: James George Fraser

Narrator: Andrew Callum

Price: $81.80

Fraser is a renowned anthropologist who has written a book for those interested in the link between ancient beliefs and rituals and what we are going through today. This book explores superstitions in different cultures and attempts to point out any similarities between them. Many people will find how Christian beliefs have much to do with the pagan past.Fun. Anyone interested in this topic can listen to it.


Author: Arthur Conan Doll

Narrator: Stephen Frye

Price: $82.77

Those who like Stephen Frye’s comedy genius will undoubtedly find his unique voice expression a bit of listening pleasure. Also note that this audio book won the AudioFile Earphone Award from AudioFile magazine. If you are a fan of Arthur Conan Doyle’s work, especially Sherlock Holmes(Sherlock Holmes), then we’re sure you’ll find this audiobook very pleasant.

Go to the Tower of Green Angels: Memory, Sadness and Thorns, Volume 3

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Narrator: Andrew Wincot

Price: $84.00

Williams’immersive epic is often compared to R. R. Martins’ novel, especially the song of ice and fire. This book takes the audience into Osten Ard’s world, where you interact with deeply, precisely and carefully written characters. So be prepared to experience a journey where you will connect with your characters and their personal struggles.

6.Infinite jokes

Author David Foster Wallace

Narrator: Shawn Pratt

Price: $91.25

David Foster WallaceWriting a book, most expensive book on amazon people stand on their side: you like it, you hate it, you don’t have a real middle ground.Take your audience on a tour of an anti-utopian future that some may like, while others may not. This book focuses on ideology, philosophy, and even technology. Those curious people may find it pleasant, while others may just want to throw a wrench at it. Either way, you’ll get your money here.

5.No ordinary time: Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt: the home front in World War II

Author: Doris Kearns Goodwin

Narrator: Nelson Reggae

Price: $92.95

This Pulitzer Award-winning book brings audiences back to the past, where they can have a bird’s-eye view of family life during World War II. During that time, the United States itself was mobilized as a fighting force, with women handling factories and families distributing meals. For those who think World War II was a fascinating time, listen.

4.Our mutual friends

Author: Charles Dickens

Narrator: David Timson

Price: $107.00

Sit down and enjoy a character-filled narrative, cleverly inspired by Dickens’thoughts, from despicable to kind, and the story is full. Slow as it starts, the story quickly warms up. If you like Dickens and find yourself not having enough time to immerse in his books during the day, this is the next best option.


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Narrator: Nelson Reggae

Price: $115.95

For any political enthusiast or fan of President Truman, this must be listened to. This in-depth analysis of the famous President attracted an audience by laying the foundation for Truman’s life from birth to his term. This informative audio book covers Truman’s family life, business dealings and personal affairs as well as his political rivalries.Select an activity.

2.Basis: An Overview of Systematic Theology R.C. Sprool

Author: R.C. Sprur

Narrator: R.C. Sprur

Price: $122.00 for audio CD

This book attempts to convey the meaning of the Bible text in the world today. Those who wish to have a better understanding of the Bible may find this audiobook good. It solves problems with the Bible and is a major topic, such as the origin of human beings, sins, churches, etc.

1.Pimsleur Language Series

Author: Various

Narrator: Various

Price: $100.00 to $173.00, depending on language

Currently, on the most expensive list are Pimsleur books. Pimsleur produces audiobooks for those who want to learn a new language. For example, you can study Arabic or Italian for around $173.27 or Chinese for $113.35. These prices may vary, but in general, they are usually at the top of the pricing range.

Last thoughts

When you listen to radio plays or audiobooks, you are actually recreating the world with your imagination, as you can see. In fact, if you bring ten people with you, let them listen to the same audiobook, and ask them to draw what they think of as monsters, you may end up with 10 of the same creature.There are different variants, and that’s why our obsession with narrative lies in lies. Just as Americans listened to professionally produced radio programs in the past broadcasting times, from comedy to stories of fear, sadness and horror, today’s audiobooks help satisfy our desire for a good narrative. In short, audiobooks are underestimated for personal entertainment and education.Assets. They enhance our imagination, provide information, and help educate adults and much do books cost on audible

What are the best audiobooks of 2021?

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