Most Expensive Audible Books in the World 2021
Most Expensive Audible Books in the World 2021

Most Expensive Audible Books in the World 2021

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What is the Audible Books

Audible Books materials refer to “any audio recording products that contain no less than 51% of the text content and are copied and packaged into cassette tapes, high-density optical discs or simple digital files for sale”

Most Expensive Audible Books in the World 2021
Most Expensive Audible Books in the World 2021

Benefits of listening to Audible Books on audible

Audiobooks have changed the world. Sometimes it’s boring to read any novel or other story book with about 300 pages. But now you just need to choose the right author and voice actor’s best book. In my experience, you can feel the real story through headphones. most expensive book in the world 2021

Let’s take a look at the most expensive audible books 2021

Why are Audio Books So Expensive?

If you are reading this book, it is likely that you stumble upon a book that may cost you $9.99 on the Kindle but $30.00 or more on audible. There is a good reason: studios, marketing and other random costs have led to price increases. Once a book becomes a professionally produced audio book, many cost factors begin to play a role, most of which revolve around the studio. First, the narrator’s expenses. It will depend on who the narrator is. According to, the average production cost of an audio book is about $300 or more, while it takes about 12 hours to produce an Audible Books .most expensive business books on audible

The same source pointed out that 21 dubbing actors were used in World War II, which they estimated could lead to the production price of audio books as high as about $17000. Not only production costs, but also marketing costs need to be considered. best audible books Not only that, but also the risks involved. No matter what the project is, there is no guarantee that audio books can be sold. After all, maybe some people like content, but don’t like narrators or dubbing actors. Finally, considering that audio books are purchased with personal disposable income, and now, audio books are even more luxury for some people. most expensive book on audible reddit audible recommendations 2021

Top 7 Most Expensive Audible Books 2021

Share 7 audio books for you. Each is a classic book worth reading and listening to. It definitely makes you full of energy to face life, summon up the courage to step forward and treat everything optimistically. This may be the power of books. Let’s listen to the voice from here at some time in the middle of the night!

1. Pimsleur Language Series

Author: Duoduo

Narrator: all kinds of

Price: each language is different, generally $100 to $173

At present, the most expensive book is pimsler’s book. Pimsler makes audio books for those who want to learn a new language. For example, you can spend $173.27 to learn Arabic or Italian, or $113.35 to learn Chinese. These prices may vary, but in general, they are usually at the high end of the pricing range

2. Truman Audible Books

Author: David McCullough

Narrator: Nelson lunger

Price: $115.95

For any political science fan or President Truman’s fan, this is a voice that must be listened to. This in-depth analysis of the famous president laid the foundation for Truman’s life from his ancestors to the president and attracted the audience. This rich audio book not only covers Truman’s family life, business contacts and personal affairs, but also his political campaign.

3. Extraordinary time: Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt: the rear of World War II

Author: Doris Kearns Goodwin

Narrator: Nelson lunger

Price: $92.95

This Pulitzer Prize winning book takes the audience back to the past, where they can have a bird’s-eye view of domestic life during World War II. During this time, the United States itself was mobilized into a combat force, with women running factories and families rationing meals. For those who think World War II is a fascinating time, listen. most expensive book on audible reddit

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4.Great turbulence

Great turbulence

Price: $ 82.60

Author: Jay Winnick, Narrator: Jonathan Davis, Publisher: harperadio

The publisher’s summary wrote: “this is an era of redefining history. With the beginning of the 1890s, the fragile United States was on the verge of being forgotten, Russia rose into the clouds, became a huge empire, and France fell into revolution. However, contrary to the way traditional history tells us, these remarkable events did not happen in isolation.

Today, the famous historian Jay winik For the first time, it cleverly illustrates how their fate combined at an extraordinary moment, thus changing the process of civilization. This is a comprehensive and authoritative drama, showing the richest lineup of characters on the world stage, including Washington, Jefferson, best audible books 2021 Louis XVI, Robespierre and Catherine Austin. The great and great upheaval is A gripping epic portrait of this turbulent decade that will forever change the way we see the beginning of America and our world.

5. Germinal Audible Books


price: $79.68

Author: Emil Zola, narrative: Leiden pugger, Publisher: Naxos has vocal reads

most expensive book on amazon From the publisher’s Abstract: “” embryoid bodies “”Is one of the most striking stories of the French tradition. The novel, widely regarded as a representative work of levora, describes the working conditions of French coal miners in the 1860s in harsh and realistic languages. It occurs internally, vividly and inexorably. Its strong principles of sociology and vivid description of a miner strike imply: the novel becomes a heavy force for workers to resist the compressionTo be emblematic, sing the mantra “” germinal! Germinal!, at the author’s burial.

6.The Golden Bough: A Study in Magic and Religion

price: $75

It was originally a 12 volume edition published in 1915. Fraser produced his own single volume version, which is shown here. Jinzhi is a study of religious rituals and practices in the “primitive” society. Its author, Sir James Fraser, investigated a wide range of cultural habits, taboos and beliefs in communities around the world and concluded that there was an observable pattern in the way magic developed into religion, although the formal expression was different. The book remains a remarkable achievement and has proved to have a great impact on many international figures.

7.The Stand Most Expensive Audible Books

Price: $63.00

Author: Stephen KingNarrated

by: Grover Gardner 

In 1978, Stephen King published the grandstand, which is now regarded as one of his best works. But when it was first published, most expensive business books on audible the booth was incomplete because more than 150000 words were deleted from the original. Today, Stephen King’s apocalyptic vision of a world ravaged by plague and involved in the basic struggle between good and evil has been fully restored. Booth: the complete and unabridged version includes more than 500 pages of previously deleted materials and new materials added by Jin when revising manuscripts for a new generation.

Here are seven of the most expensive books in the world. most expensive business books on audible I was surprised to find four biographies of American presidents on this list, but they seem to be very popular. Obviously, most of these books are eternal classics and are still relevant to modern readers. The good news is that if you don’t want to buy the most expensive books on audible, you can try it for 30 days for free and get one of the audio books for free! most expensive audible books 2021

What are the best audiobooks of 2021?

7 of the best audiobooks in 2021,

Most Expensive Audible Books What are the best audiobooks of 2021?
  • The Emperor of all Maladies, by Siddharta Mukherjee.
  • Dune, by Frank Herbert.
  • The Future of Medicine, by James Temperton.
  • A Promised Land, by Barack Obama.
  • Cloud Atlas, by David Mitchell.
  • The Hunting Party, by Lucy Foley.
  • Mythos: The Greek Myths Retold, by Stephen Fry.

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