The latest rankings of brands in the Chinese mobile phone market
The latest rankings of brands in the Chinese mobile phone market

The latest rankings of brands in the Chinese mobile phone market

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China mobile phone brand champion

as early as the second half of 2020, many people in the industry believe that the domestic mobile phone market share changes in 2021 will be particularly frequent, because in previous years the domestic mobile phone market share ranked first is huawei, the highest share was even close to 50%,but since the second half of last year, huawei because of the lack of mobile phones available for sale, so the domestic share has also declined significantly, in this case, the original share of huawei will be divided by other mobile phone brands, the domestic mobile phone market will change frequently.

The latest rankings of brands in the Chinese mobile phone market

There has been controversy over which mobile phone brand can replace Huawei after Huawei’s share has fallen, with Xiaomi and OPPO the most vocal, because in the global market, Xiaomi was previously the highest share of domestic mobile phone brands after Huawei, and its product competitiveness has been very high, as to OPPO’s share in China has been closely followed by Huawei, so huawei’s share has declined, Xiaomi or OPPO will take over Huawei as the new number one in the country, but the results are unexpected.

Why can mobile phone brand VIVO win

Because the overall mobile phone market share statistics is a complex and long process, so the current July China smartphone market share report has just come out, according to the authoritative market research agency Counterpoint released the latest July China smartphone market share report shows that the domestic mobile phone market share has been reshuffled, Huawei has fallen out of the top five domestic, and Apple is not in the top three, the domestic mobile phone market number one mobile phone brand is really unexpected.

The latest rankings of brands in the Chinese mobile phone market

In this list, Huawei ranked sixth, Apple ranked fifth, and Glory successfully returned to the domestic fourth, Xiaomi ranked third,OPPO ranked second, as for the number one mobile phone brand is vivo, before 2021, few people will guess that vivo can successfully take the first place in China, even if the first half of 2021 vivo has been ranked first in the country, but many people still think it is just luck, the second half of the company’s share will fall Vivo is not only number one, but its share has risen to 24%.

The latest rankings of brands in the Chinese mobile phone market

Many people may not understand why vivo can rank first, familiar with the mobile phone industry is easier to understand the reason, the key lies in the vivo sub-brand iQOO,iQOO, the vivo company’s main cost-effective sub-brand after the birth of the momentum is very rapid, its models are also very strong, from the following vivo company’s latest flagship iQOO8 Pro can be seen,iQOO8 Pro Vivo’s top flagship, released last month, is still in short supply until now, and is even more popular than the same size Mini MIX4.

The latest rankings of brands in the Chinese mobile phone market

The iQOO8 Pro is not cheap, priced at 4999 yuan and belongs to iQOO’s most expensive flagship, but its configuration is really luxurious,2K resolution E5 material surface screen,120W-50W dual fast charge, processor is Dragon 888 Plus also with a separate display chip, rear-facing camera 50 megapixel micro-cloud triple-camera, vivo-enabled The strongest micro-head technology, although this iQOO8 Pro is not cheap, but its strength can afford this price, and now this phone is still not enough to sell, so iQOO this sub-brand for vivo score bonus is really big.

What is the best selling phone in China 2020 ?

Huawei (including glory brand) led China’s smartphone market, with a market share of 40%, a record high. Huawei’s total shipments in the third quarter reached 41.5 million units. For vivo, x27, y93 and Y3 Series are the highlights of sales contribution.

Which phone is famous in China?

China: Huawei leads the market, followed by vivo and oppo

In China, Huawei is the top smartphone brand. Other top players in the region include vivo and oppo.

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