Spain will offer the world’s largest lottery, with a total value of up to 20 billion yuan

biggest lottery winner 2021 biggest lottery,biggest lottery jackpot,highest lotto jackpot,the winning ticket sold for the largest,largest powerball jackpot,biggest lottery winner 2021,biggest lottery winners uk,biggest lottery in the world Spain’s annual “Spanish Christmas Lottery” allowed many lucky winners to make a fortune in time for Christmas. This year, the world’s largest lottery will be drawn-with prizes […]

Top 10 Most Expensive And Fastest Sports Cars In The World 2021

Most Expensive And Fastest Sports Cars In The World 2021 Automakers have been racing to produce the world’s fastest cars since the early days of car manufacturing, but the detailed record of the war dates back only to the 1940s. The 1980s were the first time a 200-mile-per-hour barrier had been broken. Another benchmark was […]

The latest rankings of brands in the Chinese mobile phone market

China mobile phone brand champion as early as the second half of 2020, many people in the industry believe that the domestic mobile phone market share changes in 2021 will be particularly frequent, because in previous years the domestic mobile phone market share ranked first is huawei, the highest share was even close to 50%,but since the second half of last year, […]

The most expensive .net domain name ever published

Recently, according to foreign media reports, domain name for $750,000, was acquired by a U.S. technology terminal, equivalent to about 4.88 million yuan. So far, the deal has also hit a record high: the highest .net domain deal in history. 500 most expensive domains easy-to-master technology terminal It is reported was acquired by the U.S. […]

Top 10 The Cheapest Currency In The World

The Cheapest Currency In The World Currencies around the world show different exchange values due to economic factors, purchasing power factors, exchange rate changes, etc., and the following is based on different periods of exchange rate interception and listing of the world’s “least valuable” currencies, due to exchange rate changes, ranking for reference only, respectively, introduced […]

Top 10 THE most expensive watches in the world 2021

most expensive watches One of the most complex watches Bulgari has produced since it merged Gerald Genta into its name is a very vivid, super-complex watch with a tourbillon-style modulation system and a range of clock-in functions. With more than 900 handcrafted parts inside, the case is specially made from a unique, first-class sound -effects “magonic” alloy to optimize […]