most expensive food
most expensive food

What is the most expensive food item in the world?

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A mouthful of sauce 300,000, a bottle of wine 2.4 million dollars, a table of 680 million yuan, the world’s most expensive food

A mouthful down more than 30 million yuan there is no, a bottle of wine to 2.4 million U.S. dollars, a table of dishes to 680 million yuan! Poverty limits one’s imagination, the world of the rich is unimaginable to ordinary people! What do the world’s rich eat every day? Let’s take stock of the four most expensive dishes in the world today.

Most expensive food in the world

1. Edible gold leaf.

A wealthy tudor family, often food and clothing are inseparable from gold, and edible gold leaf in the application of food shows the identity of the owner and the degree of wealth.

most expensive food

Gold leaf itself can not eat, but used to decorate food, improve the grade of food, highlighting the identity of the owner status. Gold leaf is expensive because of the word “pure”. True true 24k pure gold. Gold is extremely low in activity and cannot react with other materials and cannot be absorbed in the human body. The quality of gold leaf is very light, even if it can not be digested and absorbed, does not affect the health of the body.

most expensive food

One of the most expensive pieces of chocolate is a few thousand yuan, and a piece of chocolate wrapped in gold leaf can sell for hundreds of thousands of yuan. It is unhealthy, tasteless, does not increase the taste and taste of food, the reason for eating gold leaf is simply because it is expensive. This is the purest means of glitz, in a word: “rich willful.”

most expensive food

2. Iranian pearl caviar.

Iranian pearl caviar is by far one of the most expensive wild ingredients in the world. Every 100 grams of Iranian pearl caviar can sell for 1.5 million yuan, an average of 300,000 yuan per mouthful. Although caviar is already expensive, the rich still have to sprinkle gold leaf on it, each fish is wrapped in gold, highlighting the owner’s dignity.

This caviar comes from the endangered species, the Iranian white herring. The breeding conditions for white mackerel are very demanding, and although the word “Iran” is included in the name, the mackerel used to produce the caviar is currently from the United Kingdom. Usually from farms in the north of England. The harsh conditions of farming are that if caviar is to be made into a commodity, the white mackerel must first produce grainy fish. The water temperature should be cold but not too cold, generally kept between -15c and -20c. There mustn’t be too many impurities in the water. Most mackerel are infertile if they want to maintain their ultimate taste, and the best mackerel will not lay an egg once in about 22 years. As a result, Iranian white herring is also known as the “most expensive means of production”.

Caviar is also expensive because of its sales and packaging. Caviar dealers will first package it as if only the rich could afford it. Then every year will use a special plane to invite the world’s rich to taste, the scene will also arrange professional caviar tasters. Teach everyone how to eat caviar with the whistling action of flowers.

According to one rich man: “Caviar is not as delicious as you think, it has only a slight taste of sea salt, and a smell of sea fish”, but this taste has been recognized by most people. Perhaps they don’t eat very good food, but “recognized as the richest people in the world” feeling. Only those who really understand caviar are truly rich.

most expensive food

3. Hasselh Champagne.

Champagne Charles Heidsieck was founded in 1851 by Charles Heidsieck in Reims, a French champagne region. In 2011, Hasselblad champagne was acquired by The Societe Europene de Participations Industrielles, a French luxury goods group.

Hassle Champagne is the most expensive drink in human history. In 2018, a bottle of Hasser champagne has sold for $2.24 million. 82 Years of Rafi instantly became inferior in front of it.

Why can a bottle of wine be so expensive? It turned out that there were about 2,000 bottles of champagne. In 1916, merchant ships loaded with Hassle champagne set off from Switzerland for Asia, where they were given a drink by European colonists. At that time, Hash Champagne was already very expensive wine, only available to governors everywhere to drink. The Governor, on the other hand, usually gives guests this kind of hash champagne in order to show the strength of the motherland when he is entertaining influential people from all over the world. Unfortunately, however, the merchant ship was killed en route and sank with the champagne, which had been sleeping on the bottom of the sea because of the limited salvage conditions at the time.

Fortunately, the heat champagne is particularly well sealed, and the temperature at the bottom of the sunken area is exactly the best storage temperature for the champagne. In 1998, The Hash Champagne was salvaged, the 82-year-old Hassle Champagne was re-opened, the taster opened the bottle cap, and the quality and taste of the Hashe Champagne was as good as ever, not badly affected by decades of influence. Unfortunately, although the wine is so expensive, no one has yet shared the taste and taste of the wine, and we still don’t know exactly what it tastes like. Would you like to pay $2.24 million for a bottle of champagne like this?

most expensive food

4. The world’s first banquet worth 680 million yuan.

At the Xinjiang Museum, there is a hall with a table “the most expensive banquet in the world” and a 1088-course “full Han” worth 680 million yuan! Can the banquet be on display? Isn’t it going to break? Originally these dishes are carved from stone, dishes have cold, hot, sashom, vegetarian, soup, pot, dried fruit, fresh vegetables and so on, highlighting the characteristics of Xinjiang’s cuisine. The meal has 56 sets, representing 56 ethnic groups in China, and experts estimate it at 680 million yuan. It’s just that this banquet is not for eating, but as a work of art, showing the depth of Chinese cuisine and Chinese cooking.

most expensive food

In the world of the rich, ordinary people really don’t understand. Most people would think that the world’s most expensive food is certainly the most delicious, but that is not the case. The rich choose these dishes not to bring taste buds experience, but to be a symbol of wealth, just to show off how much it costs to eat, afford it, and a mouthful (a glass). The diet of the rich is not as good as we think, and many times it is only for others to see. In order to be able to integrate into that circle, they have to endure the unhappy heart, eat all kinds of strange food, only to reflect their wealth and luxury, but also to show the world that they represent the enterprise or how prosperous the country. to win more business opportunities and cooperation.

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