best chinese cigarettes reddit,chinese cigarettes near me
best chinese cigarettes reddit,chinese cigarettes near me

Top 10 most expensive cigarettes in China

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in china, tobacco and alcohol is not only a consumer product, it has long been integrated into the social customs and human feelings of all over the country, has become a unique tobacco culture and wine culture. on the market, a wide variety of tobacco and alcohol, the price from cheap to expensive, everything, corresponding to different consumer groups, then china’s top ten most expensive cigarettes are what? what are the top ten most expensive wines in china?

top 10 most expensive cigarettes in china

top 10 most expensive cigarettes in china

1: liqun (fuchun mountain house)

the market traded at 20,000 (20,000). the price is low-key, there are more exaggerated times.
Liqun Liqun, founded in 1960, is an old Chinese character. Fuchunshan Guli group using Zhejiang Xinchang rare spice tobacco leaf formula modulation, with a multi-door unique technology to achieve without fragrance, containing cultural atmosphere, is a difficult cigarette. Is the so-called landscape Zhejiang, poetry painting Jiangnan, the beauty of peace. The color of the original fragrance source ancient Yue, famous tobacco painting Zhejiang, can be called the first in China. For this China’s most expensive cigarettes, are basically specially supplied cigarettes, the market is not in circulation or circulation is very small, basically priceless. panda cigarettes

2: golden leaf (leaf of heaven)

expensive in the raw materials good, master products, market transaction price of 10,000 (10000).
golden leaf (tianye) is the high-end brand image of henan zhongyan in 2009, the smoke plant on the precious “tianye” as a sub-brand, is the “golden leaf” brand benchmark products, but also the highest price positioning of the gold leaf products. gold leaf (sky leaf) is the crystallization of the highest scientific and technological content of gold leaf and even yu tobacco production, enjoying the reputation of “the first branch of chinese alcohol fragrance”.
golden leaf as the name implies that the tobacco plant “golden part” of a few pieces of tobacco love, the reason can be called “the leaf of heaven”, must be very rare, precious. named after the “leaf of heaven”, “golden leaf” is such a very rare and precious creation of heaven.

3: and the world (respect 5000)

the market traded at 14,000 (14000).
zunshan and the world is a new smoke produced in hunan, the market price was fried to 14000-18000 yuan a. according to hunan zhongyan technology center confirmed that the world is currently priceless, not for sale.

4: big weight nine (9-1)

the market is trading at 10,000 (10000). the whole one is a wooden box, a single pack is ten packs. there are too few people who can get the whole strip, and there is a different filter in each bag.
cloud smoke (9-1 big weight nine) cigarettes are one of the high-end brands produced by red cloud red river tobacco (group) co., ltd., cloud smoke (big weight nine) is positioned as the “cloud smoke” brand top products, high-end cutting-edge. it is said that there is no way to sell on the market now! the whole one is a wooden box, a single pack is ten packs. “9-1” unique cigarette boxing method, small box using 10 pumped flat box packaging, one of which in appearance with the other 9 have differences, take the “nine nine to one” meaning.

top 10 most expensive cigarettes in china

5: yellow crane tower (chinese dream)

the market is trading at 10,000 (10000).
the cigarette box is golden yellow, the packaging only has the traditional “yellow crane tower” and the simplified “chinese dream”, as well as the sentence: “how far is the thought, we can go far”, the bottom of the box is written “not for sale” two words. hubei china tobacco enterprise management department shows that the “yellow crane tower” (china dream) cigarettes, is an internal staff self-developed creative products, rather than the company approved the launch of the official merchandise.

6: taishan (foguang tin tank)

the market is trading at 12,000 (12000). best chinese cigarettes reddit
online spread a tin can of taishan buddha light, above which has a golden buddha hand. this box just look at know is not in the hands of pumping, should be some manufacturers special processing custom.

7: golden saint (chi-san out of the mountains)

16 sets, the market price of 10,000 (10000).
from the packaging point of view to change the past on behalf of the people of the old district simple design style, and then with the local representative (ceramic) and modern style of the combination of the two for the title. let people shine, chinese cigarettes price so that people remember! from the taste point of view, on the basis of this herbal taste plus a light mint flavor, so that your nose, mouth to get full taste to its unique taste, so that people can not stop! this goods are currently on the market is also not available to buy!

8: yellow crane tower (golden years)

the market is also trading at 10,000 (10000).
golden years series of cigarettes will be 10 different brands packaged in a box: ball, yongguang, swimming, big, red chrysanthemum, golden dragon, the great wall, ping-pong, spark, bridge, but the name of its tobacco sub-labels are yellow crane tower flow gold years, which is also very rare in the history of cigarette packaging.

9: huaye (prestigious expert tasting)

non-sale items. the market is trading at 8,000 (8000).
it is said to be jointly developed by red tower tobacco group and kunming tobacco monopoly bureau, there is no bar code, so it is not in circulation in the market, only wrote a “limited collection”, which also represents its special status. chinese cigarettes near me

10: mao’s cigar most expensive cigarettes

luxury has its value when it is neither worshipped nor resented. all restores are for the texture of characters and stories. products have not yet been on the market, online that someone wants to buy 4,000 (4000).
it is said that the cigarette for chairman mao to enjoy alone – “specially supplied” no. 2 cigar smoke. it is said that the tobacco production process is very special: special from the sichuan shishan smoke factory, several tobacco manufacturers invited to beijing, a total of 13 workers, only 15-20 cigarettes per month. and is “non-sale”, the market can never buy! premium cigarette brands
the four kings of chinese cigarettes
among the high-priced cigarettes, only the “and big day one” (and the world, the big weight nine, the sky leaves, the yellow crane tower 1916) in circulation.

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