What celebrity owns the most expensive car?
What celebrity owns the most expensive car?

Top 10 most popular luxury car with Chinese Celebrities

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What are Chinese luxury cars?

Hongqi (Chinese: 红旗; pinyin: Hóngqí) is a Chinese luxury car marque owned by the automaker FAW Car Company, itself a subsidiary of FAW Group. Hongqi was launched in 1958, making it the oldest Chinese passenger car marque. In Chinese, hongqi means “red flag”, a Communist Chinese cultural symbol.

What celebrity owns the most expensive car? China’s top 10 star cars

Most popular luxury car with Celebrities

Lamborghini Veneno (Lin Zhiying)

most popular luxury car with celebrities

Lin Zhiying, an actor from Taiwan, China, is the idol of a generation of youth. He has masterpieces of film and television such as “The Rainy Season of Seventeen Years Old”, “The Peerless Twins” and “The Eight Dragons”. As a former racing driver, Lin Zhiying owns a variety of luxury cars. Among so many cars, the most representative one is a limited edition Lamborghini. According to the editor of Maigoo, the car is worth 112 million yuan. Because it is a convertible, it is so exaggerated that it rains and someone needs to hold an umbrella for it.

Rolls-Royce Phantom (Zhao Benshan)

most popular luxury car with celebrities

Zhao Benshan is a well-known actor in China, and has acted in popular classics such as “Torchbearer” and “Not Bad Money”. Uncle Benshan in life and the images often played in the sketches are quite different. The many luxury cars he owns make netizens particularly jealous. Among the many luxury cars of Uncle Benshan, his beloved Rolls-Royce Phantom is the most famous. The price of this special customized version exceeds 10 million. It must be included in the list of Chinese star luxury cars compiled by Maigoo. In addition, the license plate of this Rolls-Royce is also very good. The black Tianjin A license plate is rare. It is not easy to want a black Tianjin license plate. The conservative price of the license plate is estimated to be 4 million, and it belongs to the category of price but no market.

Ferrari Enzo (Aaron Kwok)

most popular luxury car with celebrities

Sky King Aaron Kwok, a male singer and actor from Hong Kong, China. His representative film and television works include “Father and Son”, “Father and Son”, “Take Snow to Seek Plums” and so on. Aaron Kwok loves dancing, fitness, and racing. He also founded his personal brand team “Fusheng Racing Team” in 2017 to compete in the LMP3 Extreme Pioneer Series. He owns a Ferrari Enzo limited to 400 cars worldwide, and the most noble owner of the car in the world is the Pope of Rome.

Toyota Alfa (Andy Lau)

most popular luxury car with Chinese celebrities

Compared to Aaron Kwok, Andy Lau is a bit low-key in terms of vehicles. His car is a Toyota Alpha priced at about 500,000. Alphard is a luxury MPV developed by Toyota for Nissan Elgrand, which is improved by using the Previa chassis. The MaiGoo editor found that Andy Lau would ride in this car on many occasions.

Land Rover Discovery 4 (Wang Han)

most popular luxury car with Chinese celebrities

Wang Han is one of the show hosts that everyone likes very much. He has hosted programs such as “Music Constant Singers Club”, “Super Girl Voice”, “Happy Boys”, “Everyday Upwards”, “The More the Policy, the More Happy” and other programs. Wang Han also owns several cars, but the most well-known is the Land Rover Discovery 4. On many occasions, Wang Han has driven it in the mirror.

McLaren P1 GTR by R (Li Yifeng)

Li Yifeng is an actor from China and China. His representative film and television works include “Ancient Swords and Strange Tan”, “Popular”, “Old Paoer”, “Sparrow” and so on. Li Yifeng’s car is McLaren P1 GTR by R, which sells for 12.6 million yuan. McLaren represents a kind of taste and identity to a certain extent. This world-renowned supercar brand has a pivotal position in the field of supercars, and McLaren represents the ultimate speed and never-ending innovation. It can give The celebrities have the most enjoyable driving experience.

Porsche 911 Convertible (Wu Yifan 2021 criminal offender)

most popular luxury car with Chinese celebrities

Wu Yifan, a Chinese-language film and television actor and pop singer, once played a rich second generation who loves supercars in the movie “Old Paoer”. In reality, Wu Yifan also likes sports cars very much. The Porsche 911 roadster is one of Wu Yifan’s favorite cars. The Porsche 911 series was designed by Ferdinand Alexander Porsche and is a legendary model of Porsche. It has a long history and every classic model has a profound impact on people.

Maserati Gran turismo (Luhan)

Lu Han, an actor and singer in film and television in China and China, is very popular in China, especially with a large number of female fans. He was once photographed driving a black Maserati to the streets, the model is Maserati Gran turismo, known as the sports car queen, elegant shape, strong power. This top-of-the-line Maserati GT is priced at 2.88 million.

Aston Martin Rapide (Li Chen)

Li Chen is an actor, director, producer, and race car driver in China and China. His representative film and television works include “Soldiers Assault”, “Beijing Love Story”, “Tangshan Earthquake” and so on. As a racing driver, Li Chen’s taste for cars is of course quite high. In the choice of models, he did not favor violent supercars, but chose the gentle and aristocratic luxury supercar Aston Martin Rapide. The price of this sports car is as high as more than 3 million, equipped with a V12 engine, is a high-performance luxury coupe.

Ferrari 458 Speciale A (JJ Lin)

The famous Chinese pop singer Lin Junjie is also a car-loving star. He is a very low-key rich second-generation Chinese singer, he has a unique pursuit in terms of cars. In 2015, he customized a Ferrari 458 Speciale A. If this car is normally sold at least 4 million yuan, let alone a private customized version.

Pontiac Grand Prix (Jay Chou)

Jay Chou’s reputation is believed to be known to everyone in China and even in the world, and what kind of car he drives is naturally one of people’s concerns. Jay Chou made his debut for many years, he has drawn countless money, and sat down to own several luxury cars. The more well-known is the Pontiac Grand Prix. This car was discontinued a long time ago and appeared in the mv filmed by Jay Chou’s rookie team “Nanquan Mother”.

Aston Martin Virage (Eason Chan)

most popular luxury car with Chinese celebrities

Eason Eason Chan is a powerful singer loved by many people. The song “Bigger” released in 2005 is one of the representative works of his singing career. Eason Chan, who is low-key, is also quite low-key when it comes to car selection. His car in Hong Kong is an Aston Martin Virage with a market value of about 4.5 million. It is relatively low-key and luxurious among star cars.

most popular luxury car

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