What is the Most Expensive Type of Crab Legs?
What is the Most Expensive Type of Crab Legs?

What is the Most Expensive Type of Crab Legs?

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Most Expensive Type of Crab Legs

What is the Most Expensive Type of Crab Legs?

Although you can buy stone crab claws everywhere in the market, but it is one of the most expensive seafood, according to their size, a pound in a restaurant price can reach seventy dollars, of course, such a price is worth it, after all, caught these crabs is very hard, but it is strange that those fishermen as long as the crab’s feet, and even the crab’s original most valuable body into the ghost sea, then what crab feet can make consumers so covet, why these crab feet can be so expensive?

A record-breaking snow crab sold for a whopping $46,000 at an auction in Tottori, Japan in November 2019. The crab weighed 2.7 pounds and was nicknamed “five shining star.” Its price was determined not by size, or quality, but rather the timing of the sale. In Japan, it is a symbol of wealth and status to buy the first and best crab on the crab fishing season’s first day.

In the Bahamas, Cuba, on the southeastern coast of the United States, and in Mexico, stone crabs caught in Florida are significantly more expensive than other popular crabs, and a pound can be twice as expensive as Alaskan snow crab legs, making them so expensive in part because catching them is a laborious process that Ernie has been commercially fishing for for more than four decades, and because of the limited harvest time each year, his crew must start work early. It may be interesting to go out to sea before the sun rises and throw the catcher clip to the bottom of the ocean, but after Pang Xia is caught, the process of getting these claws is very dangerous, after all, crabs don’t stand up and let people “amputate” them Will still resist, because people use too much force, in some cases, these crabs may still escape the day of birth, of course, although the crab may escape, but the escape example is very few, after all, this process is not surgery, just a crab leg And in the crab legs when there is still pay attention to, is basically phased, that is to say, today a few, tomorrow a few, the reason to do so, in fact, is to prevent crabs from leaving the water for too long directly to the west.



For crab legs this behavior has no effect on crabs, of course, but not much impact, because crabs are one of the few animals that can regenerate. When a crab loses one or two claws, it can grow each claw in time, but if you want to get as many claws as possible, it’s best to harvest them once every three years. However, despite the ability of claws to reassert, some researchers questioned the sustainability of the system, with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission finding that 46-82% of crabs died from the loss of two claws, while 23-59% of crabs died from removal, compared with 12.8% of crabs who died when their claws were not removed. If people really very simple and brutally pull out the crab’s feet, then will lead to the death of crabs, so in the harvest delicious also pay attention not to lead to the death of crabs, one will lead to the reduction of local income sources, and the other may also lead to the extinction of crab populations, which is definitely not a good thing for the local, and it is precisely because of this reason, because of the difficulty of getting crab feet, so crab feet will be so expensive, and then there is a cost you can not think of, that is, to catch crabs, It takes 900 pounds of pig’s feet as bait, which is only about half the total cost of fishing that day. Most Expensive Type of Crab

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