Medical experience + dental care
Medical experience + dental care

Why is the salary of dental hygienists the most expensive in the medical industry

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People who live long have healthy teeth

No one can deny the importance of food, because it provides all kinds of nutritional sources needed by the human body. Bad teeth will inevitably lead to dietary problems. For example, if you can’t eat hard food, it will lead to nutritional imbalance. Long-term nutritional imbalance will inevitably lead to physical problems. Therefore, if you don’t want to use drops to maintain life in the second half of your life, you must ensure the basic chewing function.

dental hygienists the most expensive in the medical industry
dental hygienists the most expensive in the medical industry

World ranking of dental salaries

Don’t believe that in some developed countries, dentists have a high social and economic status. The annual income of dentists in some countries exceeds 1 million US dollars. , while the highest is more than 400000 US dollars. dental hygienist salary per hour

At the same time, as more and more countries enter the aging stage, the demand for dental related services will increase, the teeth of the elderly need care, and the general public pay more and more attention to the prevention of dental diseases, which will make dentists more popular.

Next, let’s take a look at the income of dentists in various countries!

American Dental Hygienist

Dental Hygienists made a median salary of $76,220 in 2019. The best-paid 25 percent made $91,560 that year, while the lowest-paid 25 percent made $64,260. dental hygienist school near me

German dentist hygienist

the average german dentist’s income is around 180,000 euros a year, equivalent to about 1 million yuan, while some senior dentists earn much more in real terms.

Chinese dental hygienist

Chinese dentists salary more than 150,000 RMB for the vast majority of chinese dentists, the average monthly after-tax income in big cities is about 8,000, and dentists in high-end clinics will earn slightly more, but less than dental hygienist salary in california

Australia Dental Hygienist

$400,000 a year According to a survey in 2021, among the occupations surveyed, the annual salary of dentists in Australia is the highest, at $280000, while the annual salary of miners famous for their high salary is $120000, it workers $150000, teachers $1.05 million, and the annual salary of “tall” lawyers is $180000.

Japanese Dental Hygienist

Annual income of about $0.5 million doctors rank in the top three most respected professions in japan, according to the survey. dentists earn an average of 1.5 million yen a month, or about 1 million yen a year, compared with about 200,000 yen for a recent college graduate in japan.

Reasons for high salaries in the dental industry

Every state in the United States is different. There are several states with the highest income of dentists and doctors in other disciplines. This is indeed the case in Taiwan now. Therefore, it can also be seen from college entrance examination. Taiwan’s new college entrance examination system divides the examination into 60 grades, with a full score of 60. Only two can apply for an interview. It is not necessarily admitted to the departments of Dentistry and general medicine There are dental departments in a total of eight universities in Wan. Almost all of them need full grade points to accept the application interview.

dental hygienist jobs
dental hygienist jobs

Medical experience + dental care

As for why the dental income is so high, or because of the good modern economy, people are more willing to spend beautiful money. Teeth and mouth account for more than half of their faces. A smile is the key to a person’s good looks. Whether they can eat well when they are old is also a major reason affecting the quality of life. In addition, dentistry Many medical projects are not included in medical insurance in most countries, and doctors charge patients by themselves. The cost of these high-tech self funded projects is also high. It can be expected that the salary of dental hygienists will be high.

How to become a dental hygienist

This is related to the labor cost of each country. The labor cost in western developed regions is very high. If dentists are not the highest in terms of income, dental hygienist requirements clinical surgery is still the highest. However, if dentists’ income is really high in terms of workload and income performance price ratio, the work distribution of dentists in western developed regions is different from that in China, Chinese dentists do everything. The types of work in western developed areas are particularly detailed. dental hygienist salary 2020

dental hygienist assistant salary
dental hygienist assistant salary

For example, dental hygienist colleges tooth extraction is just tooth extraction, orthodontics is orthodontics, and orthodontics is also divided into models. Almost every step is an independent type of work, so the work is quite smooth and simple. Similarly, practice makes perfect and keeps improving in this type of work, Then, compared with dentists in many parts of Asia, dental hygienist programs dentists and health workers basically operate the whole process independently, which requires absolutely sufficient technology to support their professional ability and quality. Therefore, I think it is really natural that dentists in Asia, especially in China, have high salaries!

dental hygienists the most expensive in the medical industry
dental hygienists the most expensive in the medical industry

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