The most expensive .net domain name ever published

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Recently, according to foreign media reports, domain name for $750,000, was acquired by a U.S. technology terminal, equivalent to about 4.88 million yuan. So far, the deal has also hit a record high: the highest .net domain deal in history. 500 most expensive domains

most expensive .net domain easy-to-master technology terminal

It is reported was acquired by the U.S. technology company ADX Labs. Founded in 2006, ADX Labs is headquartered in Minneapolis. The company, a technology charity that has been supporting technology projects around the Premium domains nft sale world that promise to improve people’s lives, is committed to improving the future of small businesses by providing a range of innovative products and services to the individual, home business and small and medium-sized business markets.

ADX Labs also owns the ADX Foundation, a fund project. In October last year, the foundation donated $100,000 to the Alliance for Epidemiological Innovation to advance the development of a new crown vaccine.

most expensive .net domain

most expensive .net domain

However, let the small editor more puzzled,ADX Labs’ official domain name is, and this acquisition of the domain name, and its name, business, etc., does not seem to have much to do with it?

According to the query information, the domain name registered in October 1996, 25 years of history. Its main body Expensive domain names Poker has the meaning of “poker, cards, draw a stick”, and Chinese “poker”, that is, according to poker transliteration, can refer to any card game.

In terms of meaning, points clearly, strong standard, is a proper high-quality industry domain name. According to the editor, poker also corresponds to a number of terminals and brands, such as iKBC’s poker series, poker news network, poker game network and so on.

Where will such a valuable entertainment domain name be used by technology charities? ADX Labs has yet to reveal the reasons for the domain acquisition or where it went, so there has been much speculation. Domain value estimator

Valuable “Poker”

Speaking of, the editor also had to mention another domain name Poker.comof the same subject. The domain name was commissioned by Right of Dot, when the seller’s expected sale price was $20 million, or about $130 million.

In addition, it is understood that in 2010, the same main domain name was the same name terminal for a million dollars high price, at that time, also broke the record of the .org domain name.

Comparing the value of these same subject domain names, can become the most expensive .net domain name, in fact, it is also a veritable. .Lab domain

8 most expensive domain names publicly reported

  • — $49.7 million.
  • — $35.6 million.
  • — $35 million.
  • — $30.18 million.
  • — $30 million.
  • — $18 million.
  • — $17 million.
  • — $16 million.

How much do .net domains cost?

Buying a new domain name would typically cost you anywhere between $9 and $14.99 per year. However, these prices may differ based on the domain extension or the domain registrar you choose. If you are starting a new website, then we recommend using Bluehost. They are one of the top web hosting companies in the world.

Are domain names expensive?

You have the choice of either registering a new domain name, or purchasing one that’s already been registered. A new domain will cost around $10-20/year, while the price of a preregistered domain will be more expensive, and vary depending on popularity.

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