how much does a dental hygienist make
how much does a dental hygienist make

My personal experience of see dentist – including dental care

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“Toothache is not a disease, pain up to your life”, I believe that everyone has the experience of toothache, the human body 32 teeth take turns to come, that feeling is not fun.
The whole family a few people take an N, I can guarantee that no matter whose home, see the dentist the most opportunities, spend the most money, suffering is also the most. New overseas friends ask me about the dentist is also the most questions, this article introduces some of the experience of seeing a dentist, and then introduce some oral health care and dental advice in Australia. including dental care

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when we first came overseas, we did not have oral health knowledge, brushing teeth casually, young teeth good, there is no problem, but on the thirty or forty years old, the problem came. toothache to find some crooked door evil way, what bite a piece of ginger, dental hygienist assistant salary including a mouthful of cold water and so on, not only do not solve the problem, but also delayed treatment. wait until really can’t stand, went to the dentist there a check-up, has been terminally ill, need root tube treatment, tooth nerve rotten, teeth are preserved, but the teeth are finished, only a body, just a stopgap measure.

of course, better than the whole tooth pulled, before many people have no knowledge, toothache can not stand to pull out teeth, pulled is a hole, young mouth full of holes everywhere, had to install dentures, very inconvenient, the cost is not cheap. best dentist around me,best dentist in America,best dentist in my neighborhood,dental hygienist assistant salary,dental hygienist requirements,dental hygienist salary 2021,dental hygienist salary by state,dental hygienist salary in california,dental hygienist salary nyc,dental hygienist salary per hour,dental hygienist starting salary,The best dentist,The best dentist near me,The most skilled dentist dental hygienist school near me

About dental salaries in various regions

i remember the first time i went to the dentist, a big tooth red and swollen, pain can not bear.
the dentist has a simple treatment and needs to press the inflammation down first. the dentist asked me: how long ago did you “wash your teeth”? i thought “wash your teeth” was “brush your teeth”, so i said wash every day. he knew i must be talking nonsense and pressed me in the operating chair to “wash my teeth” first. “cleaning teeth” is actually the dental profession on the gum cleaning, cleaning equipment (to put it colloquially is the grinding wheel, diamond hands together) to remove the gums on the toothstone, plaque and color stains, and polish the surface, apply protective coating, to reduce and delay the re-deposition of plaque and plaid.

how much does a dental hygienist make
how much does a dental hygienist make

after half an hour of tossing and suffering, best dentist around me charge 50 yuan (the price at the time). i was so dizzy by the dentist that i didn’t dare to say anything, and my underwear shirt was wet. tell my friends about this experience, there’s more than me around. everyone scolded, but also their own exchanges, after do not go to which “black heart” dental clinic. but scolding, but also have to go to the dentist, my tooth finally rotten nerves, before and after three times, spent a thousand dollars. what concept? at that time, the average weekly salary was just over 400 yuan, which meant two and a half weeks of white dryness for a tooth. since then, the oral teeth health care began to pay more attention to. how much does a dental hygienist make

then i met another dentist who showed me the structure of my teeth with a skull model, explaining why i had to wash my teeth. how do i brush my teeth? how do i do a tooth cleanup that can’t be done by brushing my teeth? for example, floss and mouthwash use. i was also given a few tools to remove dirt and stock from the cracks (which eventually turned into dental stone), which was very useful. since then, i and my family’s oral dental care and dental professional guidance in line. looking back now, for more than 20 years, oral examinations and “tooth washing” were done every six months, and although there were some problems, the overall situation was obviously better, so thanks to the “black heart” dentists who looked like they were there at the time. i also keep telling my friends around me about these experiences, and everyone benefits.

My personal experience of going to the dentist - including dental care

dentists introduce the structure of teeth and what are the problems with teeth dental hygienist requirements

My personal experience of going to the dentist - including dental care

clean the teeth with floss

My personal experience of going to the dentist - including dental care

a small brush cleans the roots of the teeth

My personal experience of going to the dentist - including dental care

clean the “bend bow” of the tooth seam

dentists in australia are expensive, and universal health care, excluding dentists, is self-funded. and dental diseases are so frequent that each family spends a lot of money on teeth. if “special hardship families” or low-income retirees can enjoy special state treatment, best dentist in America there are special public dental clinics, the cost is extremely cheap, is a few dozenth of the price at their own expense, but the need to queue, sometimes set a tooth may have to wait a few years, of course, they have an assessment system, not everyone can enjoy, but if qualified, it is recommended to make an appointment as soon as possible. for the general friends, it is recommended to buy a dentist can see a private medical insurance, a family of about 100 yuan a month, can be reimbursed for some dental examination fees and surgery costs, can be checked with several glasses (such as old flower eyes), but also can be reimbursed for some physiotherapy (such as acupuncture push) costs, for the time being, or more calculated medical insurance.

we go to the dentist’s office and there are mostly these things:

  1. washing your teeth
    generally, tooth washing is not the teeth sick and then go to “wash the teeth”, but a routine examination and cleaning, generally once a year, but it is best not more than a year. private health insurance includes free dental washing and examination twice a year. self-funding is basically 50-80 yuan at a time.
  2. filling teeth
    this is the general small hole processing, so many after “cleaning teeth” found small problems, timely treatment, to prevent contagion into a major problem, health insurance can usually be reimbursed for some or all of the costs.
  3. root tube treatment
    more serious dental disease, causing dental nerve lesions, some can be made up, if not treatable, generally the tooth nerve rot, and then permanently seal the tooth hole. so to go to the clinic 2-3 times, usually need a thousand dollars. this processing of private medical insurance is not covered, to be self-funded, but some of the costs such as inspection fees can also be reported as part of the general dentist will be in accordance with each processing of the project, after the automatic settlement.
  4. pulling out teeth
    in general, try to preserve teeth, it is easy to pull out teeth, but pulling out is a hole. a hole is nothing, still can eat, but more to set dentures, false of course not really good. the cost of tooth extraction is entirely in accordance with the individual’s situation, the most general basically a hundred dollars, private health insurance can not be reported in full, but how much can always be reimbursed a little. you usually go to a radiology clinic to take a picture in advance. many easy to deal with tooth extraction is relatively cheap, complex situation general dental clinic can not handle, to go to a professional hospital. there is a friend in the operating chair accident, the ambulance sent to the professional hospital surgery, very toss.
  5. set the teeth
    the most common case is a denture, which is a removable active denture by styling and re-installing the bracket. private health insurance can’t be fully reported, but it can always be reimbursed a little.
  6. implanting teeth
    this is the most expensive and complex of all dental treatments. usually after extraction of teeth to go through 3 months of rehabilitation, and then put a steel nail into the tooth bed, wait until there is no rejection, stability, and then shape, and then the porcelain teeth are done and installed on the steel nails. the tooth feels similar to the real tooth, but requires at least three operations, which currently cost more than 3,000. private health insurance can’t be reported in its entirety, but it can basically be reported in one-third. remind private health insurance that the amount is calculated by year, and if it is processed across years, you can save about 500 bucks. because of the high cost, the average person implants teeth on those major large teeth.
My personal experience of going to the dentist - including dental care
My personal experience of going to the dentist – including dental care

steel nails, dental implants (also known as teeth)

now many children in their teens to do orthodontic surgery, wearing a corrective brace, to ensure that the future teeth neat and beautiful. of course, private health insurance can not be reported in full, but how much there is always a little surgery can be reimbursed.

My personal experience of going to the dentist - including dental care
correct the braces

last year one of my big teeth cracked, this tooth was 20 years ago to do root tube treatment, the dentist can not do further treatment, that had to be removed. because large teeth are often used, dentists after the upper and lower teeth of the examination, think that dental implants are better. steel nails have now been planted in this area, followed by styling and the installation of porcelain teeth. dentist introduced porcelain teeth mainly german, american and korean, the price of korean-made slightly cheaper, i think the quality may also be a little different? so if the economy is possible, as far as possible installation quality is better, a lot of money has been spent, still care about this point?

dentists introduce the structure of teeth and what are the problems with teeth , ,best dentist in my neighborhood, ,dental hygienist requirements so the cost of dentists is quite expensive, the use of teeth and our daily life is so closely related, so the most important thing is not lazy, do a good job of daily dental care. we now all use electric toothbrushes, which are more efficient than rechargeable toothbrushes with vibrating toothbrushe heads. and there’s an electronic timing on the toothbrush, and it’s a reminder in two minutes. the children’s electric toothbrushes also come with a musical reminder, and in 2 minutes, they sing a song to the children, who insist and insist in order to listen to the songs.

also use floss, or the bow and small brush described above, to clean it back and forth in the cracks. there is an idiom in china called “flowing water is not rotten”, so that the gap between the teeth, in the mouthwash can let the water fully flush the root of the tooth seams – that’s almost what it means. there is also a mouthwash, which is a very irritating liquid, the effect should be very good, but corrosive is not small, so this thing is controversial. i don’t think it’s necessary to use this mouthwash every day, once or twice a week, there should be no big problem.

in short, usually pay attention to the dental health and aesthetics will play a very important role, but also to prevent a certain amount of bad breath, and ultimately save money and save pain in the dental surgery chair. dental hygienist salary 2021

A few notes: including dental care

I am not a medical professional, but from the personal experience of seeing a dentist, explain the importance of oral dental care. it is impossible for professionals to have everything in a short article. the purpose here is only to give friends a general understanding, does not constitute professional guidance, please understand. the fees mentioned in this article are only a general scope in melbourne, australia, but a concept of proportion. , dental hygienist salary by state

Because the condition of each person is not the same, the same disease in the same area of clinics give different prices, even pay cash and credit card prices are not the same, not to mention in off-site clinic hospitals. for informational purposes addition to the , treatment of the main line, there are differences in the medical conditions of each person, the economic conditions of different people, the body and age of different people, the medical and technical environment of each person’s area is also different, this article does not detail some of the auxiliary treatment methods of the branch, or some new technologies.

The best way is to discuss the details further with my dentist.choose a dentist’s office when it is best to compare a few, or according to a friend’s recommendation, choose a more suitable for their own. once you feel relatively satisfied, it’s best to settle down. on the one hand, it is convenient for dentists to have a comprehensive long-term understanding of patients, on the other hand, the two sides are more familiar, easy to communicate, many treatment options are not only “yes/no” two ways, to the two sides to continue to discuss.

A more harmonious doctor-patient relationship, there are some “emotional” factors in it, i have even heard that some good dentists for the elderly low-income people discount and do a few treatments at a time and discount.when selecting private medical insurance for dentists, we should understand clearly that many of the lowercase font provisions should be read carefully, and if the elderly do not understand english, ask staff of chinese descent or ask for an interpreter.

you can also refer to your regular dental advice. general private health care has a waiting period and cannot wait until needed to join. also know which clinics are connected to which health insurance, and it’s easier to choose an insurance company that can connect directly to reimbursement.

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