the most expensive spirit in the world
the most expensive spirit in the world

Show you why whiskey is the most expensive spirit in the world

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The most expensive whisky in the world

What is the most expensive liquor in the world?

Can you age whiskey So far, the world’s most expensive spirits are only two bottles of Damar filimonchero. There are three 13 carat single diamonds and an 18.5 carat giant diamond at the mouth of the bottle. It was commissioned by an anonymous Italian customer.

Travel with you through the world of fragrant wine!

Whiskey, as a kind of spirit, can be said to be one of the most popular spirits in the world!

How popular is whiskey? People who like it sigh: “There are too many things in the world, it is not good, but good whiskey is not enough.” Of course, some people who want to test the spirits tasting may have to be excluded…

So, do you guys know about whiskey? That’s right, today is to have a brief chat-Whiskey (Whisky)!

The most popular spirit in the world

01 Ingredients for whiskey What are the top 5 whiskeys
What are the ingredients of whiskey? In fact, you can almost tell from the name. For example, single malt whiskey and grain whiskey are malt and grains. Grains include rye, wheat, oats, etc. By the way, American bourbon whiskey requires more than 51%. The ratio of corn will do…the breug whiskey

The most expensive whisky in the world

So, how is whiskey made?

Sprouted barley/grain sun-dried and ground + water = malt/grain mash (mash), and then fermented to produce a base wine, which is then distilled on the basis of the base wine to obtain a liquor with high purity and high alcohol content, and finally Aging in oak barrels and blending before bottling…

In this way, making whiskey doesn’t sound too difficult. You can make it yourself, just like wine, you can make it yourself!

But, don’t think too simple! Brewing whiskey is not so easy. Which country makes the best whiskey From the selection of raw materials, to fermentation, distillation, aging and blending, and then the water source for adding water, the amount of boiling water, and the number of times of flushing, etc., each winery is confidential, such as distillation and aging. The price of oak barrels is not cheap…expensive alcohol brands

The most expensive whisky in the world

02 High-end and expensive whiskey, mostly single malt whiskey
Not to mention anything else, in the latest list of the 10 most expensive whiskies published on Wine Seacher, 9 of them are single malt whiskies! And they are all from Scotland…top 10 most expensive alcohol in the world

In fact, in terms of origin and quality, Scotland has become synonymous with single malt whisky!

So why is Scottish single malt whisky more expensive than other countries and types of whiskey?

The most expensive whisky in the world

What is single malt whisky? Single Malt Whisky refers to 100% pure malt whiskey that uses malted barley as raw material and is bottled in the same distillery.

Which whisky is best for health

First of all, different from the large-scale mass production of blended whiskies, single malt whiskies tend to have relatively small yields and limited raw materials (the major Scottish whisky companies have said to use Scottish native barley as much as possible), and they must be produced in the same distillery. Bottled…

In addition to the difference between the cellaring year and the oak barrel, the taste of single malt whisky is ever-changing; with the richness and complexity of the flavor, the scarcity and preciousness of the finished product, and the rareness of the material, the maximum value of the Scottish single malt whisky can reach more than 600,000 US dollars. Bottle, does it make sense…

The most expensive whisky in the world

03 Five well-known production areas
Speaking of the well-known producing regions of whiskey, besides Scotland and Ireland, what else can everyone think of? Is it the United States, Canada? Or Japan? ! Or other countries?

Scotland, Ireland, the United States, Canada and Japan are the world’s top five whisky producing areas!

Speaking of Scotland and Ireland, the dispute over the origin of whiskey has never stopped, but it makes sense. At present, whiskeys in other countries have more or less the shadow of Scotch or Irish whiskey…

For example, the sudden emergence of Japanese whiskey, from the brewing method to the imported peat malt as raw material, basically follows the Scottish method;

most expensive alcohol most expensive whiskey

Why is Japanese whiskey suddenly emerging? Compared with Scotland, Ireland or the United States, Japan’s large-scale whisky brewing history is relatively short. It was not until 1920 that Japan began large-scale whiskey brewing, but it quickly gained recognition! For example, Yoichi…

Whiskey in the United States is represented by bourbon and Tennessee whiskey. Almost 95% of bourbon whiskey in the United States is produced in Kentucky, but bourbon whiskey is not limited to the production of Bourbon County in Kentucky; while Tennessee whiskey, according to the law It is stipulated that it must be matured in new white oak barrels…

Canadian whiskey is said to have a mysterious 9.09% rule! Canadian whiskey allows the distillery to add 9.09% of other aged wines (age must be more than two years) to a bottle of Canadian whiskey, such as bourbon, rum, brandy, etc., even if mixed with other spirits genes and bloodlines No longer pure, it can still be labeled as Canadian whiskey…

The most expensive whisky in the world

04 The color and taste of whiskey are not enough? Oak barrels helped a lot!
The impact of oak barrels on whiskey is mainly reflected in two aspects: color and taste.

In fact, the original whiskey that has just been distilled does not have golden, amber, bronze, or other flavors. The original whiskey that is distilled is colorless and transparent. As for the taste? With such a high alcohol content, all you can smell is alcohol. So, how do the different colors and flavors of whiskey come from? That’s right, it’s oak barrels!

There are many types of whisky oak barrels, such as Sherry, Porter, and Brandy barrels from Europe; Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay barrels from Australia; Bourbon barrels from America and so on. But the common whiskeys on the market almost all come from the two giants in the barrel: Bourbon and Shirley!

Bourbon cask: This is the most commonly used by whisky manufacturers, not only for American bourbon, but also for more than 80% of Scotch whisky (old cask)~

And Sherry cask is also one of the oak barrels that whisky distillery loves to use! When used for aging whiskey, it can bring extremely rich aroma to the whiskey; in addition, the sherry barrels are made of Spanish red oak, and the wood itself is heavier in color. During the aging process, it can also add more bourbon barrels to the liquor. Darker colors~

Which is the most expensive Whisky in the world?

Most Expensive Whiskey

Wine NameRegionAvg Price
The Macallan ‘The Red Collection’ 71 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky, Speyside – Highlands, ScotlandHighlands$112,984
The Macallan Lalique VI 65 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky, Speyside – Highlands, ScotlandHighlands$105,855

Which is best whisky in world?

The overall best whisky of 2021: Glenmorangie Grand Vintage 1990 Single Malt Whisky.

The best whisky brands of 2021.

1SpeyburnBest budget
2Glen MorayBest value
3CraigellachieBest entry-level
4Highland ParkBest for the money

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