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The most expensive electronic products and brands in China


The most expensive brand in China

In the early days, China’s mobile phone industry was similar to that in today’s India, and foreign products such as Nokia, apple and Samsung were popular. After that, domestic mobile phone brands mushroomed, including Internet sales models based on cost performance such as Xiaomi, customized machines based on operators such as Huawei, and offline sales models such as oppo and vivo, which were transformed from the traditional electronics industry. However, there is no doubt that apple and Samsung were the top players in the Chinese market at that time. At that time, Apple’s Samsung mobile phones could sell four or five thousand, or even higher, but the supply was in short supply. People even regard buying Apple mobile phones as an identity, while domestic mobile phones can only struggle in the sea of low-end machines.

The most expensive electronic products and brands in China

most expensive electronic products

After that, domestic mobile phones have also created brilliance. Xiaomi mobile phone has become the first in sales in China for two consecutive years. The surface is very beautiful, but it sells the most goods and makes the least money. Apple has always accounted for 70-80% of the profits in the smartphone market, followed by Samsung. Domestic brands make a living in 5% of the profits. In the following years, Huawei rose rapidly with luck, strength and opponent’s mistakes. It has continuously improved the sales of mobile phones, and the price of high-end machines has gradually increased. Starting from Huawei mate 20 series, Huawei has publicly challenged Apple’s flagship products. Year by year, Huawei’s mate 40 Pro is selling better and better. Until this year, the popularity of Huawei mate 40 Pro has far exceeded that of iPhone 12 series.

China’s most expensive mobile phone brand

The most expensive electronic products and brands in China

Huawei even explored the price ceiling of 20000 on Huawei mate XS, and still sold in short supply. The price of the flagship machine is no less than that of the iPhone, but more and more people pay for it. Huawei’s success proves that domestic products can be sold at high prices like foreign products, and Chinese people are willing to pay for it. Although some people are still talking about why Huawei doesn’t buy apple for 6000 or 7000 yuan? But it’s really much better now than a few years ago. In addition to mobile phones, Huawei’s other smart products are not cheap, but they still sell well and some people are willing to buy them. It is a good thing that people no longer blindly worship foreign brands and have more trust in their own brands. It has played a positive role in building national brand confidence. Thank Huawei for allowing Chinese people to use more expensive electronic products!

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