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The most expensive jewelry in the world – Xinjiang Jade


The phrase “pie will not fall from the sky” is often used to warn friends playing with stones not to be deceived when buying stones. However, although there will be no pie in the sky, there will be a “stone” in the sky, and this “stone” can be changed into a train of “pie”! Most expensive jewelry

The most expensive meteorite is in Xinjiang

The thing is, on December 25, 2013, a “fist big” stone was placed in the center of a meteorite shop in Urumqi, Xinjiang. This “stone” is 15 cm long, 8 cm wide and weighs 434 grams. The most important thing is that its price is as high as 80 million yuan, equivalent to 12.5 million US dollars. For a time, this dark “stone” aroused the strong concern of the society. It is said that the stone “fell from the sky” and finally landed in Qitai County, Xinjiang. most expensive jewelry 2021 The result was seen by the local herdsmen and dug it out of the ground.

The most expensive jewelry in the world
12.5 million US dollars

The reason why it dares to mark such a high price is mainly because it is a “meteorite witness”. The so-called “meteorite witnessed” means that someone witnessed the whole process when it fell, so its value is much higher than that of ordinary meteorites. In addition, most expensive jewelry in the world 2021 Zhang Baolin, a senior engineer and meteorite expert at the Beijing Planetarium, once commented on the meteorite: “this meteorite is well preserved and rare in China and even in the world. It should be more than 4.6 billion years old, the same age as the earth. Its scientific research value, economic value and cultural value are immeasurable. “

The most expensive jewelry in the world

In fact, there have been many meteorite falls in China before. Finally, these meteorites have been picked up by some local farmers and are waiting for a price. Relevant data show that there are no provisions on the ownership of meteorites in China’s existing legal provisions. This means that whoever picks up the meteorite belongs to him. Moreover, in China’s laws and regulations, there is no explicit prohibition on the sale of meteorites. In foreign countries, the price of meteorites is several times higher than that of diamonds. Therefore, anyone who is lucky enough to pick up such a “stone” can really struggle for 200 years less. most expensive jewelry in the world

The most expensive jewelry in the world

However, most expensive jewelry brand things like this can’t happen several times a year all over the world, so the probability of picking up meteorites is really lower than winning the lottery. However, although meteorites are difficult to pick up, the probability of picking up jade is still very high. Next, sister Bao will make an inventory of the priceless gemstones that have been found.

Authentic Hotan jade in Xinjiang, China

“Sea blue star”, worth 1.1 million

The most expensive jewelry in the world

This “sea blue star” was produced in KEKETUOHAI, Fuyun County, Xinjiang, and was found by local most expensive vintage jewelry herdsmen in May 2014. After careful polishing and processing, it shows the shape of water droplets, so it is called “sea blue star”. In fact, this gem is an aquamarine. It weighs 255 carats and its current market price is more than one million.

Aquamarine is a very precious gem. Its color is sky blue to sea blue. It belongs to the beryl family. Aquamarine is also known as “Sapphire” in the gem industry of China. This gem has glass luster and is transparent to translucent. The best one is bright blue or light blue.

The most expensive jewelry in the world

Aquamarine has long been regarded as the “stone of the brave” and the standard of happiness and eternal youth. Many countries in the world regard Aquamarine as “March birthday stone” because it symbolizes calm, courage and intelligence. The beautiful aquamarine is full of romantic marine flavor. At the same time, it will also remind people of the blue sky. Women can wear it to ease their mood.

most expensive jewelry in the world

Tianshan Jasper, worth 850000

The most expensive jewelry in the world

In September 2011, Jinns, a herdsman from bayingou pasture in Wusu city, Xinjiang, went to Houshan with three companions to look for jade. A piece of Jasper seed material weighing 1.3 tons was accidentally found. The Jasper seed material of Tianshan Mountain is crystal clear. It is reported that someone offered 850000 at that time. However, the herdsman did not agree to sell,expensive jewelry for sale

The “China Hotan Jade Culture Festival” held in Wuhan World Trade Plaza has attracted many consumers to participate in the exhibition. It is reported that there are more than 100 pieces of Hetian jade seed raw stones in the exhibition area, and one of the most expensive raw stones worth 14 million appears, which is very eye-catching.

14 million Hetian jade original stone

In this jade exhibition, exhibitors can not only see the style of hundreds of Hetian jade raw stones, but also participate in the interactive link of on-site jade mining and experience the whole process of ancient jade mining. It is worth mentioning that since there will be a small amount of genuine goods hidden in hundreds of stones, citizens can be appraised by experts on site after jade mining. In September 2011, Jinns, a herdsman from bayingou pasture in Wusu city, Xinjiang, went to Houshan with three companions to look for jade. A piece of Jasper seed material weighing 1.3 tons was accidentally found. The Jasper seed material of Tianshan Mountain is crystal clear. It is reported that someone offered 850000 at that time. However, the herdsman did not agree to sell.most expensive jewelry ever worn,expensive jewelry for sale If it is genuine, they can take it home free of charge.

Xinjiang donkey friends “pick up” Jasper raw stone on foot, worth 4.5 million

The most expensive jewelry in the world

In June 2012, a “donkey friend” picked up a 3-ton stone while hiking in Manas, Xinjiang. After testing by the authority, it is found that this is a Manas Jasper original stone. This Jasper is 2.7 meters long, 1.3 meters wide and 0.65 meters thick. Its color is dark gray green. If calculated at the price of 1500 yuan / kg of ordinary Jasper at that time, this raw stone is worth 4.5 million yuan.

The most expensive jewelry in the world

Tianshan Jasper generally refers to Xinjiang Jasper, also known as “Manas Jasper”, which is a kind of nephrite with green color. Jasper’s color is as blue as indigo, followed by fine ink star light color. The mineral composition of Xinjiang Jasper is similar to Hotan jade. It is dark green, dark green or dark green. It has glass luster and oil luster, and is slightly transparent to translucent. Natural Jasper is dense, tough, free of impurities and cracks, and large in size. It is a top-grade jade carving raw material.

7.85kg “dog head gold” value of 10 million

On January 30, 2015, a Kazakh herdsman, Berek sawut, found a piece of “dog head gold” weighing 7.85 kg in Qinghe County, Altay Prefecture, Xinjiang. According to local government officials, this is the largest piece of “dog head gold” found in Xinjiang so far. What’s more strange is that the natural gold nugget is like an artificial hollowed out art, and it is very similar to the map of China. After the incident was exposed, someone called and was willing to pay 10 million yuan for the acquisition. However, the Berek Savot family mysteriously “disappeared”, presumably in order to avoid suspicion and hide.

The most expensive jewelry in the world

Dog head gold is a naturally produced gold nugget with impure texture, large particles and irregular shape. It is usually composed of natural gold, quartz and other minerals. Because some people think its shape is like “dog head”, it is called “dog head gold”. In fact, things like “dog head gold” can be met but not sought. Countries all over the world are proud of having “dog head gold”. It is precisely because it is rare that once it is found, it will be preserved as a treasure.

The most expensive jewelry in the world

As we all know, Xinjiang is rich in beautiful stones. In addition to the treasures mentioned above, the jade mentioned below is also invaluable. If you go to Xinjiang to play or Taobao, if you encounter these stones on the road, you must not know them.

The Gobi pictographic stone named “the return of the birthday star” was sold at a high price of 698000 yuan. Everyone who sees it claps his hands and is surprised! The transaction of this stone has caused great waves in the stone circles of Xinjiang. It is also a high price transaction of a single rare stone. In the eyes of outsiders, it is exciting and exciting in the market. However, the performance of local stone friends seems too calm compared with that reflected by the outside world, because in their view, from 2010 to now, the rare stone market in Xinjiang is very “hot” and the high price transaction of “return of the birthday star” is only a icing on the cake of the lively stone market

At present, the largest gem light in Karamay weighs 1025g, specification: 23 × sixteen × 5cm。 The transaction price is 2.8 million. It is the stone with the highest transaction volume in Xinjiang, which is composed of quartz stone.

The largest gold silk jade seed material in Xinjiang

Xinjiang’s largest gold silk jade seed material appeared. Herdsmen in Altay, Xinjiang found this seed material weighing more than 9000 kg in the grass by the river. It is understood that this is the largest complete gold silk jade single seed material found in Xinjiang.

The most expensive jewelry in the world

After measurement, the length of this golden silk jade seed material is 1.8m, the width is 1.4m, the thickness is 1m, and the volume is about 1.76m3. We know that the specific gravity of golden silk jade is 2.60g/cm3 and 2.69g/cm3. According to the minimum standard of 2.60g/cm3, the weight of this golden silk jade should be 4.58 tons, that is, more than 9000 kg. most expensive jewelry in the world 2020

A History of the World’s Most Expensive Pieces of Jewelry

  • The Hope Diamond — $250 million.
  • Peacock Brooch — $100 million.
  • Oppenheimer Blue – $57.5 million.
  • L’Incomparable Diamond Necklace – $55 million.
  • Blue Moon of Josephine – $48.4 million.
  • The Hutton-Mdivani Jadeite Necklace – $27.4 million

Most expensive piece of Jewellery in the world?

The Hope DiamondThe Hope Diamond – £150-250 Million

As the most expensive piece of jewellery in the world, with an estimated value of $250 million, it’s no surprise that the Hope Diamond has garnered many stories and myths over the years.

This piece of gold silk jade is particularly complete in shape and delicate in meat quality. Especially the skin color is very beautiful. Someone said, “if only this piece of Hotan jade” yes! With such a piece of Hotan jade, I believe no one dares to ask for its price. How much do you think this huge gold silk jade is worth? Please leave a message in the comment area and I’ll tell you!

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