The 10 richest lawyers in the world
The 10 richest lawyers in the world

The most expensive lawyer in the United States twice excused murderers

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We often think that lawyer is a noble profession and pursues the embodiment of justice, but we may forget that money and status will make this justice disappear. Today’s story shows everything. The murderer still lives beside you freely!

The 10 richest lawyers in the world
The 10 richest lawyers in the world

Top 20 Richest Lawyers of the World

Let’s meet the richest lawyers in the world and see how much assets they can have. Of course, most lawyers are from the United States! most expensive lawyer retainer

World Ranking Lawyer Name Asset Value
1Richard Scruggs$1.7 billion
2Joe Jamail$1.7 billion.
3Wichai Thongtang$1.1 billion
4William Lerach$900 million
5Bill Neukom$850 million
6Judy Sheindlinbetween $150 million and $250 million
7Willie E Gary$100 million
8Roy Black$100 million
9Jane Wanjiru Michuki$60 million
10John Branca$50 million
11Robert Shapiro$50 million
12Judge Joe Brown$30 million
13Thomas Mesereau$25 million
14Mark Geragos$25 million
15Alan Dershowitz$25 million
16David Boies$25 million
17Lynn Toler$20 million
18Vernon E Jordan Jr.$15 million
19Jose Baez $8 million$12 million
20Harish Salve$6 million

The text of the article begins here:

He shot and killed his ex-wife’s daughter and boyfriend, seriously wounded his ex-wife and passing witnesses, and hired a murderer to kill the judge who convicted him of his divorce from his ex-wife.

He spent $3 million to bring in one of the nation’s most expensive lawyers to discredit his ex-wife in court. richest lawyers in uk most expensive law firms

He appeared in court twice and was acquitted and still lives freely.

So he said: why are lawyers so expensive

In America, I can afford everything I want.

Bloody Midsummer Night

“Cullen is killing my baby!” He killed a lot of people! ”

It was a night in August 1976. Weather records show that the summer rain was particularly heavy, so the temperature after night seemed particularly pleasant. People suffering from a day of heat and heat like to walk outside at night to chat, enjoy the rare cool.

The moonlight wasn’t bright that night, but the $6 million, 20-room Monkenbold villa was still visible. Angel Wilbur, 12, was alone in the 73-hectare mansion when her mother, Pusselia David, and boyfriend Stan Farr went out to dinner to celebrate the end of pussy’s divorce from her third husband, billionaire Karen David.

Angel did not think that this was the last night of her short life. How the little animal-loving little girl spent her last moments is unknown, only to know that she was brutally murdered in the basement. She knelt there, and the killer put a gun in her back and fired like a execution.

Angel usually lives with her father, Pussylia’s second husband, Wilbur, only to come to her mother’s house by accident. The police believe that the killer’s real target was not Angel, but Pussylia, who was only in the wrong place at the wrong time. richest entertainment lawyers

Indeed, after the killer killed Angel, he did not leave, but hid somewhere, waiting for The return of Pussylia and her boyfriend.

As soon as Pussylia came back, she felt something was wrong, and she found that the house’s security system had not started as it had in the past, which of course was nothing, and perhaps she had forgotten to turn it on when she left. Stan went into the door and went upstairs to the master bedroom, and Pussylia, seeing the lights in the kitchen and basement on, went in and was ready to turn it off, and as she walked down, she saw blood splashed on the wall and on the stairs.

Pussylia screamed and rushed out of the house, highest paid lawyers new york but the gunman blocked her head-on.

Who is the world’s best lawyer?

“Hi!” The murderer calmly greeted her and pulled the trigger. The bullet went between her breasts, and Pussylia fell to the ground, but she didn’t forget to shout, “Stan, let’s go!” It’s Cullen! ”

But Stan had run downstairs, and the killer immediately shot him, and Stan, who had been shot in the neck, struggled with the killer. Pussylia took the opportunity to escape the door, screaming: “Help!” Cullen’s killing people! ”

Stan’s resistance didn’t last long, and the killer fired four more shots at him, then went out to chase Pussylia. Pussylia ran to the outside of the road and finally fell to the ground. By this time the murderer had come and looked at her from a high place. highest paid lawyers 2021 He was dressed in black, wearing a woman’s wig and holding a 38-caliber pistol in a black plastic bag. Pussylia reconfirmed that he was Cullen, who had just divorced himself, and began begging him: “Come on, Cullen, I love you.” Let’s talk. ”

It was then that a young couple strolled nearby and witnessed it all. The girl, Beverly Bass, a good friend of Pussy’s eldest daughter Didi, couldn’t help but whisper to her boyfriend, Garver: “Oh my God, that’s Cullen!” ”

Hearing her screams, the killer turned around and gave The 22-year-old Affleod a shot. A panicked Beverly threw off her high heels and ran to the main road. The killer left Garver, who was still moaning on the ground, and chased after him. Finally, Beverly stopped a passing car and fled before the killer caught up.

Meanwhile, Pussylia ran to her nearest neighbor’s house 800 metres away, patting them open the door and shouting, “Cullen is killing my baby!” He killed a lot of people! ”

By the time the police arrived, the murderer had disappeared into the night. Stan, 30, and Angel, 12, died and Garver survived, but bullets through his spine left him disabled and he had to walk with a double bog.

Within hours, police had found information about the suspect, Cullen. He is one of America’s richest men and the archetype of the venous billionaire in the soap opera Dallas. In addition to Beverly and Pussylia identifying Cullen as the killer, Garver, who doesn’t know Cullen, identified Cullen from a pile of photos of strangers.

At 4 a.m., Cullen’s older brother, Ken, called Cullen’s girlfriend’s house to find him. Cullen’s reaction was surprising when he learned of the bloodbath. “Oh, I see. I was sleepy and went to bed. “When he finished, he hung up.

A few minutes later, the police picked Cullen out of bed and brought him back to the police station. The most expensive murder investigation in Texas history began.

A lawyer worth $1 million

“I like challenges,” he told reporters. So I decided to do my best to help him. ”

For the locals, the mansion murder wasn’t the best part of The Story of Pussylea and Cullen, but it added to their messy entanglement. Pussylia was born in the poor, and her beautiful face and unbridled character were the weapons of her life. She calls her breasts “the rich man’s box”, dares to wear the most revealing clothes on the street, so that the most shameless men are blindfolded.

 Cullen and Priscilla are made for each other. He and his other two brothers inherited the oil company left by his father, and then used means to force his loyal little brother to withdraw and dominate the assets with a market value of more than one billion dollars. highest paid lawyers in los angeles

The two met around 1965. On New Year’s Day 1968, Pussylia’s husband took a group of private investigators to catch them in bed at a “love nest” in Dallas, ending her second marriage and marrying shortly after Cullen’s father’s death.

During that time, their lives and the company’s business flourished together. Pussylia spent the day loitering in town with Her Mansion in Monkenbold, which was filled with gold and silver jade, and the oversized wardrobe was full of custom-made miniskirts and low-cut dresses.

The good times spent not long, perhaps over-showing off their good times, and in 1974, Pussylia filed for divorce on the grounds that Cullen was “mean and rude.” Cullen, in his complaint, lambasted Pussylia as “obscene and shameless, and can sleep with anyone.”

What does the most expensive lawyer cost?

The divorce did not go well because of the dispute over the property. For nearly two years, Pussylia and Cullen had a row as soon as they met, and the court eventually ruled that Cullen had moved out of Monkenbold and paid Pussylia regularly for living expenses. During this time the two had a new relationship, with Pussylia dating Stan, while Cullen was in hot love with Karen Masters. By August 1976, their divorce settlement was finally over, and Cullen had to pay Pussyari $5,000 a month in living expenses and $5. $20,000 in legal fees.

Cullen did not appear in court on the day of the verdict, but his friends said his face turned blue after reading the verdict. That night, the bloodbath happened.

In the face of questioning, Mr Cullen appeared calm. He answered every question with the police, but that didn’t help the conviction because he didn’t directly admit that he had killed someone, and one of his classic answers was: “Some people don’t need a reason to do things.” Despite being charged with murder, he was released on bail a few hours later and walked down the street with ease.

In fact, from the beginning, prosecutors knew the case was difficult: “The defendant had more property than the entire state of Texas, and this was the first time.” “They finally decided to charge Cullen with first-degree murder without bail because one of the victims, Angel, was only 12 years old and the circumstances were very bad. So Cullen was recaptured and detained in Tarante prison awaiting trial, where he brought in Heines, then one of the nation’s most expensive lawyers, known as “The Horse Race.”

Haynes’s nickname stems from his hard-fought performance on college football, as well as his style in the face of the case, which Time magazine once called one of the six best defense attorneys in the United States. Heines, who defended Cullen, could receive at least $1 million in compensation, but he didn’t take the case for money. Haynes looked thrilled to learn that Cullen was charged with first-degree murder and that three witnesses had witnessed it.

“I like challenges,” he told reporters. So I decided to do my best to help him. ”

Trials in trial most expensive lawyer

After 13 days of debate, Haynes has succeeded in turning Pussylia into the most lewd woman in Texas, “just looking at her and you know she’s guilty.” ”

Heines is certainly not a swast name. He quickly successfully applied to transfer the case to Amario instead of trial in Dallas, where the case took place. It was a big victory. Unlike in Dallas, where upper-class communities live, in Amario, judges have no quallation about women with watery poplars, and they have their own set of opinions about how husbands kill their wives’ lovers.

On the day of the trial, as the media had expected, Haynes, not Cullen, was in the spotlight. Dressed in a tailored dress and designer cowboy boots made from anteater skin, he looked like a $1 million lawyer.

Prosecutors were confident of winning, arguing that three witnesses testified that Cullen was on the run. Although Cullen had his own so-called witness – his new gleeful Karen said Cullen had been with her that night- and in front of police and the jury, Karen would say that she had taken sleeping pills that night and that she had no idea;

But Heines has his own philosophy of defense: “If you say my dog bit you, I can tell you: first, my dog doesn’t bite; One doesn’t work, so come the second one. ”

Heines knew his real opponent was Pussylia, so after he had finished his two young sidelines, Beverly and Garver, in court, he sharpened his knife to Hoho and prepared to take on Pussylia.

On the day Pussylia appeared in court, the confrontation between the two sides was very intense and intense. Pussylia, who in every way identified the killer as Cullen, and Heines, who had come up with some pictures of Pussylia and her lover, were naked and posed in various poses. Although the judge ruled that the photos had nothing to do with the case, Haynes had succeeded in creating the image of Pussylia as “debauchery and infidelity”, and in the week that followed, Heines repeatedly said that Pussylia had “corrupted the atmosphere and taught her the bad way”, and he forced Pussylia to admit to having slept with a drug dealer while dating Stan. He said the murder was orchestrated by rioters, who drank heavily, indulged in soft drugs (although this was after the murder) and was too short of money to spend, so she wanted to plant Cullen. He further reasoned that Stan was the real target in the murder, that the killer was a drug dealer, and that Pussylia wanted to end her relationship with Stan and make a new relationship.

Pussylia certainly denies these imaginative allegations, but what doesn’t change is the bad impression of her by moral judges and jurors. After 13 days of debate, Haynes has succeeded in turning Pussylia into “the most lewd woman in Texas.” ”

Finally, as Pussylia walked out of the courtroom, many women in the audience booed her. One female juror even said, “Just look at her and you’ll know she’s guilty.” “It seems that it is Pussylia, not Cullen, who is on trial.” They all forgot that her daughter was a victim. A local newspaper commented.

Because of the money, so not guilty

“How could a rich man like Cullen kill himself?” If he kills, he’ll hire someone to do it! ”

Of course, Haynes’s defence is visible, and in private, Cullen has spent a lot of money “facilitating.” Twenty-five years later, a member of Heines’s defense team admitted that Cullen spent $2. $50,000 was paid to a court investigator, who gave him the code name “Eyes”, to keep abreast of the prosecutor’s evidence and ideas in order to respond. They also hired a police officer to check on the progress of the police investigation into the murder. The waitress at the hotel where the jurors were staying also became Cullen’s eyeliner, and her job was to listen to the jurors’ conversations and report them truthfully to Cullen’s defense team.

Beyond that, Cullen has made a lot of seemingly ridiculous efforts. For example, he invited a painter to attend the trial and paint a picture of the jurors. During the break in the trial, the portraits were shown to the jurors’ families, saying they were drawn by Cullen based on memory.

At the time, prosecutors had protested to the court that Cullen had talked too much to relatives and friends of the jurors and would have been surprised if they had known what they were saying to Cullen. “They’re generally thanking him for his good painting skills and for painting their daughter or son very well!”

In the end, it didn’t take long for the judges to reach their verdict. The jury voted twice, the first at 10:2 to acquit Cullen and the second to acquit cullen. In November 1977, Cullen walked happily out of the courtroom. He was clearly mentally prepared for his release, and before sentencing he planned to go skiing in the Alps and book a room. He also had his men prepare a celebratory reception, and the jury and the judges were invited.

At the reception, a juror who poured several glasses of wine shook his head and said why he thought Cullen was innocent: “How can a rich man like Cullen kill himself?” If he kills, he’ll hire someone to do it! ”

Prosecutors watched as The most powerful witness, Pusilia, was dismissed by Heines and discredited. They are discouraged, and if a charge such as the killing of Angel does not convict Cullen, the charge of killing his wife’s lover or assaulting is certainly more impotent than the charges of Willie and Garver. It seems they can only let Cullen go unpunished.

But Cullen actually gave them a second chance.

The hired homicide judge remains innocent

“We can’t believe that a rich man like Cullen would lower his profile and hire someone to kill a judge.”

On August 20, 1978, two years after the murder, prosecutors who had been watching Cullen discovered that he had met secretly with an FBI informant. The guy named David McIlroy told them that Cullen wanted to hire him to kill several people, including Pussylea, Beverly, Garver, and The Judge Joe Edison, who handled his divorce.

When he met with Cullen again, McIlroy had a wiretaps on him so prosecutors could hear their conversation. McIlroy showed Cullen a photo of Joe Edison being killed, showing joe lying in a pool of blood with bullet holes in his car visible. McIlroy also took out Joe’s judge’s license and driver’s license.

Who is the most wealthy lawyer?

“I’ve already killed Joe for you.” McIlroy said.

“Very good.” Cullen handed McIlroy an envelope containing 2. $50,000 in cash.

“I’ll kill the other ones.” You want them all dead, don’t you? ”

“That’s right.”

The 45-minute conversation brought Cullen back to court on charges of mastermind murder. Cullen again asked Haynes for help, this time paying him $2 million.

McIlroy testified that Cullen not only commissioned the killing, but even personally devised several killing programs: “One was ambushed near Beverly’s house, shot her, then crushed and thrown to a place she would never find; or after killing her, he added a few injections to her so that others thought it was drug-related.” ”

Haynes dragged Pussylia in again, asking how much FBI members present knew about Pussylia and her friendships, suggesting that Pussylia was actually designing it all. Heines said Cullen was just playing a game with McIlroy, who thought it was exciting when he was an FBI agent.

“We all know that humans have many other means of communication besides talking, ” Heines declared in a playful tone. ” ”

The jury seemed genuinely confused, voting 8 to 4 on both occasions and tending to find Cullen innocent. In the end, the judge declared that the vote had not reached the required proportion and that the trial was null and void. Prosecutors were quick to call for a review, saying the law was ruthless and that there should be no reason to exonerate Cullen in the face of such clear evidence.

After the jury voted again, the judge said the case had been concluded. Prosecutors were so confident about Mr. Dcullen’s conviction that they asked the judge to wait for sentencing so that Joe Edison, who had not actually been killed, would appear in court.

But the judge’s decision left all concerned in the eye, except, of course, Cullen himself.

The jury found Cullen not guilty on the grounds that “we cannot believe that a rich man like Cullen would lower his status and hire someone to kill a judge.” ”

The end

Twenty-seven years have passed, and things are human and wrong. Cullen is still alive, but no longer rich. His company went bankrupt in the 1980s. His assets are still $600,000, but his liabilities are $2.3 million, according to the bankruptcy filing. The former Forbes rich man now has to work in a brother’s company for a salary of $2. $50,000. His mistress, Karen, who testified for him, was his wife and had to go back to school to teach for life.

Pussylia, who had not remarried and had been living in a one-room, one-room apartment far from the city centre, died of breast cancer in 2001. Her surviving eldest daughter, Dee, says Pussylia has not recovered since the first trial, and even in the most painful days of cancer, Pussylia refused treatment in the hope of dying early.

Cullen, now in his 60s, could still be prosecuted for assaulting Garver and Beverley, and local newspapers still occasionally file the most expensive lawsuit in Texas history. But people seem to have forgotten about it, perhaps fighting with a fallen old man, it is no longer interesting. Only occasionally do people wonder if the result would have been different if Mr Cullen had not been so rich.

Cullen himself replied: “I could afford everything I wanted then, and if it hadn’t been for the money, I would be in jail now.” ”

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