What is the most expensive drug on the market?
What is the most expensive drug on the market?

The most expensive medicine in the world and China – You never guess!

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most expensive medicine in China

Would you like to spend more than 300 yuan on medicine, or 200 yuan to see a doctor?

One hundred percent will answer: Of course, spend 200 yuan to see a doctor, who wants to spend more than 100 yuan?
I thought so before the general clinic of the Shenzhen Hospital of the University of Hong Kong opened. Believe in that kind of.

What is the most expensive drug on the market?
What is the most expensive drug on the market?

most expensive medical treatment in the world

But what’s the truth?


You’re robbing money!

HKU Shenzhen Hospital opened on July 1, 2012, and from day one, the hospital’s general clinic has been charged for packaging. At first it was 130 yuan package, then it was changed to 200 yuan, and the cost of medical treatment, registration fee, basic examination, examination and medicine was all included.

In other words, see a disease here, including examination and medicine,200 yuan cap. During the same period, the average outpatient cost of each of Shenzhen’s three hospitals was more than 300 yuan.

As a matter of common sense, 200 yuan all-inclusive, coupled with modern hospitals, garden-style environment, Hong Kong-style management, independent clinics, the Mainland’s first to receive training in Hong Kong general practitioners, how to go to court if the city, no. 1 is difficult to ask for ah!

However, the idea is very good, the reality is very cruel! At the beginning of the opening, the general department every day to make an appointment to put 200, actually can not be about full. Even more embarrassing for GPs is that patients who come to see them do not understand, or even scold or complain.

Ms. Liu, 45, accidentally had a lump in her left thigh and was worried about a long tumor. One day in May 2013 I came to my clinic. After I examined her, I told her it was a lipoma, a benign lump that would not affect her life and health. After reading it, she looked at me in disbelinced.

“Doctor, is that it?”
“Yes,” he said. “You’re
not going to check on me?”
“No need to do any checks!”
“130 yuan at a glance like this?” It’s too expensive! “Doctorsdon’t just take a look, the value of doctors lies in technology.
I’m going to refund…”

What is the most expensive drug on the market?

The patient complained to the hospital, Shenzhen Health Planning Commission and Shenzhen Municipal Market Supervision Bureau because of the cost of 130 yuan.

Mr. Sun, 25 years old, had a cold and fever for 3 days. One day in March 2015, I came to my clinic. Ask for antibiotics and get him back to recover as quickly as possible.

I told him, “You’re a viral cold, you don’t need antibiotics, you don’t need infusions.”
“It takes more rest, more water, and treatment for the disease.”

Seemingly polite boy suddenly angry: “You 200 yuan so see a doctor, rob money ah!” “Coldfever does not hit the needle, you will not see a doctor?”
I used to have a cold and fever, and other hospitals gave me needles.

There are too many such patients,
“I’m going to have a full-body check-up.” “Give
me the most expensive check!” “Give
me the best medicine!” ”

GPs have repeatedly explained: “You are a common disease, do not require large examinations, do not need expensive drugs.” most expensive drug in india
“200 yuan cap, you don’t have to spend any more.
“No, don’t talk to me about money, I have money!”
“Who wants your hospital to pack and charge, and I can’t pay for my own medicine?”

So much so that GPs are tired of it.

Chinese officials are saying that “it is difficult to see a doctor” and “expensive to see a doctor”, which turned out to be wishful thinking of the ruling party. These patients think it’s too cheap to go to general care – it’s only $200.

HKU Shenzhen Hospital originally designed general packaging charges to avoid excessive examination, excessive treatment, to avoid excessive charges, to prevent medical personnel from making gray income.

What is surprising, however, is that those who oppose packing charges are the ones who shout “expensive to see a doctor”.


Buy medicine or see a doctor?

Since Henggu, Chinese doctors have been the cheapest and “should” be poor. No matter in TV drama or in real life, few people think that seeing a doctor, consulting a doctor should pay. To see a doctor, without prescribing medicine, it is not to see a doctor. Of course, I am not willing to pay the doctor’s medical expenses.

However, the common people are willing to spend money to buy medicine, it seems that the more expensive the better, the more the better.

In the “drug-based medicine” system, more than 10 years have passed, registration fee or 1 yuan, medical treatment fee “doubled” – from 2 yuan to 4 yuan, now 10 yuan. Drugs from the original 0.5 yuan, to the current dozens of yuan, or even hundreds of thousands of yuan, do not know how many times. Can the pharmacy still find 3 yuan, 5 yuan of cure? Magic universal medicine flying, the price is flying, but the cure to save people’s medicine is less and less.

Medicine is needed to cure the disease. Do you need the most expensive medicine? Can the most expensive medicine cure all diseases? What’s the best medicine?

The medicine for the disease is the best medicine. Not all diseases require medicine!

Common cold, do not need medicine, drink more water, rest more, 7-10 days is good.

Mild high blood pressure, high blood lipids and diabetes, do not need medicine, need to take care of the mouth, open legs.

There are also many symptoms, such as worry, anxiety, depression, etc., and do not necessarily require medication.

Medicine can cure a disease, but not a hundred diseases;


A doctor or a doctor?

Modern medicine is developing at a high speed, surgery is becoming more and more delicate, drugs are becoming more and more high-grade, curing one disease after another that could not be cured before.

Medicine keeps moving forward, but very not all ailments can be cured as expected. For example, common diseases such as headaches and chest tightness, Most expensive drug high-level cutting-edge examinations, consultations by multiple specialists, and still cannot find the cause. Take the best and most expensive medicine, headache, chest tightness is still the same.


In biomedical mode, medicine focuses on the biological factors that cause disease. But people are not only creatures, but also psychological and social.

Health is not only disease-free, but also the perfect state of psychological and social adaptation. Biological-psychological-social medicine models have emerged.

Mr. Zhang, 35, made millions in business in previous years. The stock market in 2015 swallowed up more than 3 million of him. Invisible shadowless, before sleeping like a pig Mr. Zhang often wake up early, I do not know when there is an iron-like thing pressed on the chest, chest tight panic. To the major hospitals to do the most advanced examination, found no abnormalities. Meet China’s top experts. More than one expert explicitly told Mr. Zhang: “Your heart, lungs are not a problem.” “You’re not sick!”

However, the disease-not-sick Mr. Zhang chest blocked panic, worried that he had an incurable disease.

After a friend introduced, Mr. Zhang half-believed to the Hong Kong University Shenzhen Hospital Family Medicine Department (general), spending 200 yuan.

Into the clinic to see the family doctor, Mr. Zhang’s first sentence is: “See so many doctors, on your hospital is the most expensive.” ”

This kind of complaint every day, the family doctor has seen no wonder, the doctor listened carefully to Mr. Zhang’s complaint, carefully check the body, repeatedly check the resulting check information.

Finally, the family doctor told Mr. Zhang:

1. Your heart lungs and
other organs are free of disease; 2. Problems with autonomic nerve function that regulate your heart;
3. You are a patient, not your heart
but you; 4. The cause of the illness is stock loss, poor sleep, anxiety.

Mr. Zhang heard that he was not a major illness, the original is the cause of anxiety, nervous mood immediately relaxed.

The family doctor then worked with Mr. Zhang to analyze the cause of the illness in detail, telling him how to treat chest tightness, comforting, supporting and encouraging Mr. Zhang.

Thirty minutes passed, and the family doctor said, “You can go.” ”

“So that’s it?” 200 yuan Don’t you prescribe medicine to me? ”

Mr. Zhang was surprised, with a little anger.
“Do you have chest tightness now?”
“Your chest tightness has disappeared, do you need any more medicine?” “Drugs
don’t cure your
chest tightness, ” the doctor explained patiently.
Mr. Zhang took a deep breath and repeatedly looked for the feeling of panic, actually could not find.
“Please come back in 7 days.” ” zolgensma drug

Family medicine (general) is a comprehensive new discipline that integrates clinical, psychological, social and rehabilitative medicine. Its core philosophy is “all-round care”, family doctors not only to treat the patient’s physical pain, but also to pay attention to the patient’s thoughts, worries, expectations, especially to take care of the sick.

In the most developed modern medicine in the United States, Britain, Germany and other countries, the largest number of doctors are not specialists, but family doctors. Family doctors are known as gatekeepers of residents’ health.

Author: Dr. Cai Yue, Shenzhen Hospital, University of Hong Kong


What are the best medicine ?

Seven days later, Mr. Zhang came as scheduled and spent another 200 yuan.

The family doctor asked Mr. Zhang carefully about the changes in the week and proposed more specific options for his treatment: getting up at 7 a.m. every day; getting to and from work on time; taking a nap at 10-30 minutes at noon; exercising twice a week; keeping a diary when chest tightness strikes…

More than 20 minutes later, the family doctor told Mr. Zhang, “You can go back.”
“Don’t you prescribe me medicine?” “Why don’t you give me the medicine?” Mr. Zhang asked repeatedly.
“I’m the best medicine. The doctor answered with a smile.
“You’re a doctor, doctor is the best medicine!” ”

What are the most expensive medicine ?

Mr. Zhang patted his head, seemingly understanding and meaningfully nagging.

Yes, the doctor is the best medicine for the patient! Doctors should also be the most expensive medicine in the world! zolgensma

Doctors this medicine fusion of the essence of heaven and earth, absorbed a huge amount of medical knowledge, accumulated a wealth of experience, soaked in sweat tears, thousands of refined drugs, should not be the most expensive medicine?

Is this medicine worth only 1 yuan?
Isn’t this medicine worthy of our awe?


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