The most expensive mobile phone company in South Korea

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most expensive mobile phone company

Since its founding in 1969, Samsung has grown into one of the world’s leading technology companies in history, recognized as even one of the world’s top 10 brands, and it is not surprising that Samsung is now ranked as the world’s 14th largest company with the world’s sixth-highest brand value, with combined revenue of $60.8 billion in the third quarter of 2020 alone With an operating profit of $11.2 billion and a good annual turnover, the tech giant’s network has now spread to countries around the world, and Samsung is proud of the creativity and talent of its employees, who are also the main drivers of its growth.

The most expensive mobile phone
The most expensive mobile phone company

Samsung’s inventory in Seoul was damaged at the start-up and founder Lee Young-so was forced to restart his career, but he was unable to do it alone because the Electronics Industry Promotion Act of 1969, which supported a large amount of private investment and was all that could be helped, and in the same year Samsung entered the electronics industry, it had a headquarters and a large factory complex, and as the company grew, several of its divisions there became one Samsung Electronics Machinery, Samsung Sdi and Samsung LED also have some smaller bases in other parts of South Korea, which makes it convenient.

Because Samsung’s location is nearby, because the city itself does not serve the creative, and innovative social environment, Samsung Electronics has been developing these at its base in Seward, and a shelving site since 1969, where the company’s divisions are located, all easily integrated into Samsung IT clusters, Samsung digital city projects integrated into several parts of the enterprise IT industry, connected into a creative chain, especially product and process innovation, on the other hand, Led by young and demanding leaders, the Samsung Nanocity project has succeeded in becoming a semiconductor complex for Samsung Electronics, a digital city that has had a major impact on the soul, as well as its metropolitan area and the entire national economy, and how successful it has been as a company, but it cannot be ignored that they cannot operate on the back of thousands of people.most expensive mobile phone

The most expensive mobile phone

The company has an estimated 22,502 of its 35,000 members, not all of whom are young, and Samsung’s first- and second-tier supplies provide more than 10,000 jobs, so is Samsung’s base in South Korea One of the good options for employment, although you’re likely to face some stiff competition, also has five research institutions, all built in Samsung Digital City, the first of which was set up in 1980, and Samsung Electronics has had its headquarters since 1980. It became a core research and development centre, with the first research institution established shortly thereafter, and a second in 1987 to reduce and save mobile development costs related to international standards, while in 2001 the three companies were established to build international powers, with the next being a fourth in mobile phone and telecommunications, established as early as 2005, to expand Samsung’s share of the digital TV market and, finally, The fifth division, which is designed to integrate mobile and powerful divisions while strengthening innovation to adapt to the rapidly changing mobile market, was established in 2013 and has a lot to do, with office expert development labs, audio development facilities, a collaborative space with more than 100 video conference rooms, a large auditorium for 700 people, and a collaborative laboratory with more than a thousand conference groups.The most expensive mobile phone

But the fact is that at that time, the Korean government had very little to offer in terms of social activities, so Samsung felt it had to do something to give back to the country, because South Korea’s social welfare was still in its infancy, and Samsung Electronics stood out as an attractive and reliable employer because it had crazy free social services, so it offered social insurance to both regular and informal employees, including health insurance, unemployment insurance, state pensions, Occupational health and safety insurance, which is not all, offers a number of interesting and necessary items in the work area, such as fun leisure areas, medical facilities, guesthouse kindergartens, cafes and bars, not to mention all of which are completely free for both employees.

The most expensive mobile phone
The most expensive mobile phone company

Their spouses and their children, the staggering range of social programs that meet most of the daily needs of their workforce, and some medical facilities, such as the Samsung Hospital Health Center, can find free health care, which provides staff with doctors and nurse surgeons, and even traditional acupuncture, a number that, if you’re feeling a little stressed, offers 72,000 meals, 92 different menus a day, all of which are planned here. Given the resources they receive from farmers and producers, the city has strong partnerships with farmers and producers, and have we mentioned that the cafeteria has more than 4,100 seats, that for the children of employees, the kindergarten has more than 150 teachers to take care of them, Samsung offers 500 shuttle buses that can travel around 103 sites, and if you’re interested in sports, then Samsung’s digital city has ten basketball courts, three football fields, four badminton courts, two baseball fields, and a rock-climbing wall. There is also an Olympic-sized swimming pool.

The most expensive mobile phone
digital city” in South Korea

The company encourages and supports social events, whether corporate events or private clubs, and during family days, Samsung Digital City has been transformed into a theme park with both employee families and nearby residents, and during the year there will be music events such as rock concerts, celebrity talk shows, not to mention 650 hobby clubs, 490 sports clubs, and all year round, Samsung’s social programs are concentrated in Samsung’s Digital City and are not available to the general public. All in all, outside Of Samsung’s digital cities, Samsung’s investments in public infrastructure are less extensive, with a known institutional partner being a number of universities, or Samsung’s investment institutions in research facilities, and the campus’s new Samsung University Library, which has also set up scholarship programs for outstanding students.

Even so, Samsung has done enough for the country in urban development, working on a wide range of projects, from residential to government and public buildings, and to this day only Apple is eligible to be labeled Samsung’s right-hand man, in the smartphone business, however, in terms of total smartphone sales, Samsung is comfortably ahead of any other company, what do you think of Samsung’s digital city, would you like to live there? We’ll see you in the next issue.

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