most expensive spice in the world
most expensive spice in the world

The most expensive spice in the world – the darling of the baking industry!

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It is said that vanilla pods are the simplest “glamorous products” in the baking world! Those who boast of baking with only natural ingredients will never let go of the aroma of this original taste.most expensive spice

most expensive spice in the world

The vanilla pod has a unique aroma that makes it feel like it’s in the flowers and reminiscent of the rainforest where it’s located. Vanilla pods are low in yield and expensive. A vanilla pod can buy 10 lovely multi-scented ice cream, 5 cups vanilla latte, 1 winter worm summer grass…

most expensive spice in the world

But that’s just the price of ordinary vanilla pods, and if the top-of-the-line Madagascar vanilla pods are to double. Why has the price of vanilla pods remained high? Whether you’re baking or not, let’s all go up today!

Yes, madagascar is an island that produces 80% of the world’s Vanilla Pods. It’s really like grabbing the dessert stomach of all mankind.

the darling of the baking industry!

Strolling through Madagascar’s vanilla plantations is a olfactory treat, with green vines all over the place, orchids blooming all over the field, and eventually growing into clusters of aromatic and charming pods.


Vanilla Pod is worth as much as silver and is known as “black gold”. But here and now, to this cloud to take the country but do not know is a blessing is a curse!

Vanilla pods were originally native to Mexico and originated from an orchid seed. Originally pollinated by specific bees alone, it was not until the discovery of artificial pollination methods in the mid-19th century that they gradually spread abroad. So why is Madagascar firmly in the leading position? In fact, there are two reasons.

1. The rare tropical humid environment in the area is particularly suitable for the growth of vanilla pods.

Second, labor costs are relatively cheap. Artificial pollination method is very time-consuming and laborious, coupled with the long growth time of vanilla pods, long-term fluctuations in international prices, other countries are afraid to plant a large number. This has led to Madagascar’s dominance in the vanilla pods.

However, overproduction is clearly not a good thing. Every time a natural disaster strikes, the global supply of vanilla pods is bound to be affected. Tropical Cyclone Enawo, for example, swept through Madagascar in 2017, causing vanilla pods to lose 30 percent of their harvest. That year’s vanilla pod prices also rose, making the local vanilla pod plantation the object of theft, the gardener needs to pick up a knife and gun to organize day and night patrol anti-theft.

However, despite having the world’s “black gold” for nearly eight years, the price of vanilla pods is below saffron and above everything. However, the local poverty rate in Madagascar is still as high as 77 per cent. Surveys have found that local farms are underpaid, coupled with frequent thefts, and farmers are working hard while taking up arms and working overtime to protect plantations.

What are the 2 most expensive spices?

All this is one of the reasons why vanilla pods are expensive, but in addition to its expensive also comes from its complicated processing process.

the darling of the baking industry!

The long green plant is carefully picked, dried and kneaded. After at least a month, they will turn black, about a third the size and weight of the original.

The aroma of vanilla pods comes from black vanilla seeds. Gently scrape the vanilla seeds with a knife to make desserts with a unique flavor. However, it may not be the same as the “vanilla flavor” you are familiar with.

The natural vanilla pod aroma is a bit like a fennel, but once the aroma is cooked in combination with the milk and the aroma is incorporated into it, the aroma and delicacy of the pod is brought to full play.

But real vanilla pods are rarely used in general dessert shops because they are expensive and less convenient to use than vanilla flavors. But if you’re also a roaster, you’ll know that the vast majority of vanilla flavor ingredients lists don’t have anything to do with vanilla pods.

What are the 2 most expensive spices?

So, in fact, we have been eating most of the dessert, that we are familiar with the taste is actually the taste of additives. But the aroma of real vanilla pods is natural gas, a sweet taste.

High-quality vanilla pods are rare, so they are especially afraid of being destroyed when baked. This moist pod needs to be sealed and stored as quickly as possible. But if you’re cautious, you can also choose to make vanilla sugar to preserve the flavor.

Vanilla sugar

The grass pods after the seeds are taken are not wasted and can be used to make vanilla sugar. Put at least one vanilla peel in 400g of sugar powder and wait two weeks to see how the vanilla sugar tastes. When making cakes, boiling milk, and making ice cream, you can put a little, it will bring out a flavor similar to flowers and sherry. That’s the beauty of vanilla.

What are the 2 most expensive spices?

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